Saturday, September 4, 2021

New Format For Kik Groups Please Read September 4th 2021

 KIK groups are an extension of the Club Crave Party Scene.  By no means are they are the definition of the Club Crave parties and events. Apparently only a handful of people get that.  

People visit the rooms after seeing it advertised on various lifestyle and personal sites.  We also welcome those who come in the room after discovering it during their own basic KIK group search.  

Because of the fact that people judge the parties and events by the KIK groups, we have combined the groups into one big one, thinking that will help solve the issue.  It got worse.  

Going forward, the KIK groups will only be for people who actively attend parties and events.  

New people are welcome to join but if you have no intentions of coming to parties or events you will not be allowed to stay in the group.  

In addition we will do a purge the Sunday after each event clearing the room of those who did not make the Saturday (day before) party or event.  This will be in effect for the September 18th party.  The room for the September 18th party is #murfreesboroswing

Be sure to state your age and location upon entering and send your video verification to an admin after they prompt you to do so.