Sunday, August 1, 2021

Impromptu Meet and Greet Saturday August 7th Nashville 8p

 We know parties can be overwhelming with good turnouts and new people not knowing anyone.  So we thought we'd put together a meet and greet at a public place to help those who are new to the Club Crave party scene meet, ask questions and hang out with other open minded people in these lifestyles.  Saturday night August 7th starting at 8p come hang out with us, eat with us, drink with us and join in some fun friendly conversation as we present another Impromptu Meet and Greet Saturday night in the Hermitage area of Nashville. Karaoke starts at 9p for those who want to show off your vocal talents.
Email for details

Bangaroo 2021 Saturday August 14th 8p Murfreesboro

June 2004 in Lavergne Tennessee the legendary Bangaroo event was born. Six insatiable nymphomanics and 30 guys came together and put on one hell of an event. Sex so intense. The event lasted three hours and everybody participating was worn out.
The intense sex action continued annually for several consecutive years until with the emergence of the internet, it turned into another swingers party and kind of lost it's identity.
Attempted to bring back the concept and had difficulty (you thought I was going to say "hard time") trying to find guys to pleasure the women.
Saturday August 14th Murfreesboro in two adjoining rooms there will be eight horny nymphonmanics that will eat you guys up for breakfast. Seven have already committed to this event and I know they will show up. We are looking for one more female to fill the eighth spot.
Guys if you say you are going to this event, you better show better be able to please these women because if you talk big game and you don't back it up, you won't be invited to another event ever again.
Bangaroo 2021. Only sign up if you are showing up and participating. There are no wall flowers. This is strictly a gangbang event with no other play intended. There will be no social room just two rooms with two beds filled with women on each side with their legs spread and mouths open willing and slobbering for cock to fill em up.
This is a controlled gangbang (not a free for all). Women's safety is a priority
7p Women and couples may arrive to where we can put your poster together. Posters will go up above the side of the bed the woman is playing on.
8p. Guys may arrive.  8:30 clothes off and the scent of sex will be filling the rooms.
Eat your Wheaties....bring your "A" game and come play in the most intense sexual experience you'll ever have in your life. Bangaroo is back! Saturday August 14th Murfreesboro.
Email for details