Monday, September 30, 2019

Discord Group

We are on Discord.  There are various rooms by general location (middle, east, west tennessee) and more. 
Download the Discord App in the Apple Store or Google Play.  Make up a quick account and click on the link below to join the Club Crave chat channels.

MeWe Group

We have a chat room on MeWe.  We have one group with several members in it.  You'll have to go through a quick and painless verification. 
Download the MeWe app in the Apple Store or Google Play and make up a quick account and click on the link below to join in the Club Crave's Naughty List  chat

Impromptu Meet and Greet Saturday October 5th Murfreesboro

Calling all open minded couples and singles.  Saturday night October 5th starting at 7:00, we are going to be gathering at a spot in Murfreesboro for an Impromptu Meet and Greet.  No matter if you are into swinging, BDSM, kink or fetish we want to come hang out with us and meet us and our friends.  Great opportunity for people that are new or curious about the lifestyles to come meet others.  There is no cover charge and the spot we are meeting at has a full line of good food and drinks.  Email us at for more information and we'll see you Saturday night October 5th in Murfreesboro.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Club Crave's Mythical Creature Costume Party Saturday November 9th 2019 7:00CST Near Manchester

So you went to that average lifestyle Halloween party.  You know the one where you paid some big buck cover charge, might even have shelled out some money for a costume and you sat at a table with your significant other watching all those that are in the cliques ignore you and party with all their cliquish friends.  Heck makes you wonder if all the costume prizes went to the popular people themselves.  So before you throw your costume in the storage area hang onto it and come check this out.
Saturday November 9th, all the Halloween parties will have cleared out and it's our turn.  So put on your costume and come hang out with the fairies, the mermaids and yeah we'll have a few unicorns too at Club Crave's Mythical Creature Costume party.  This will be at a newer place right outside of Manchester easily accessible from the interstate to host the big event.  We're going to go all out for this party. 
Now while you don't have to dress up as a mythical creature, you can dress up in costume or you don't have to but keep in mind we are giving away prizes for the best costume male and best costume female.  To keep the judging fair, judging is done by all those that attend the party.

In addition we will have other small door prizes to give away once an hour.  Then at 11:00 p.m. speaking of creatures we will give away two tickets to the Jurassic World Live Tour Saturday December 21st at 7:00 at Bridgestone Arena.  Did any other lifestyle party or club give away tickets like that?  I already know the answer.

Other features include a 50-50 drawing.  It's $1.00 a ticket, $5.00 for an arm length or $10 a body length.  We will draw a winning number at 10:30 pm.  If your number is called, you win half the money collected for the drawing.

We have a good size designated dance space area and we will DJ and offer Karaoke.  Just a hint, Karaoke will be offered through YouTube so you can check to see if your favorite songs are on there karaoke style before you come to the party. 

Beds.  Three bedrooms are available to play in in the house style party spot.  There are several couches loveseats and chairs to lounge around in but to be safe bring fold up chairs to share with other party goers.  You can sleep over where there's  room at the main building free or there are motels nearby (unfortunately no discounts)
BYOB and bring your own ice and cooler to keep your drinks cold

Food:  Food will be split into two sections
Meal ticket:  Prime food will consist of spaghetti, bread, chicken nuggets with dipping sauce and/or pizza rolls.  There will also be a variety of chips, dips, salsa etc. available, cookies and other desert foods. 
We will provide cokes, sprites, water and other setups. 

Games: Icebreaker games and a designated area to play them include Cards Against Humanity, Mardi Gras, Dirty Dice and more. 

Door donations are as follows (this includes access to all food)
$50 for single men
$40 for couples

So since you already partied with the ghosts, the ghouls, the goblins and the zombies, its time to come party with the freaks at the Club Crave Mystical Creatures Costume Party. We party like beasts in Manchester Food is served starting at 6:00 CST, Party starts at 7:00.  Costume contest starts at 7:30 with the music and karaoke cranking up at 8:00. 

Want to come to the party?  You need to go through our simple vetting process.  Email us at to get things started.  Also watch the website for updates on this party.