Sunday, February 21, 2021

Wear Green Bring Beads St. Paddy's Naughty Gras Saturday March 20 Murfreesboro 8:00p


Hey some green? Wear it March 20th (What did you think I was referr....oh that green) bring some beads as Club Crave presents St. Paddy's Naughty Gras Party starting at 8:00 p.m.

Going to do a contest with the lady who has earned the most beads wins a prize. The contest will start at 9 and end at 9:15 so don't be late.

Wear green in honor of St. Patrick's day but if you forget, don't worry we don't pinch for not wearing green, we grope.

This will be a motel block party. We'll start at least with two adjoining rooms and if the support is there we'll get a third room. One room will be for socializing with the second room mainly for playing in. The third room will be designated primarily for bdsm activities.

We got drunk gummies, and even though nobody cared to eat any chicken nuggets or pizza rolls at the last party we'll bring a bag of each, we'll also have the bags of cheddar and sour cream chips that everybody goes through pretty quick and other party snacks including two liters of cokes.
You bring the rest including your own liquid encouragement, condoms (if that's your thing) cooler and some ice to keep your drinks cold. Oh and don't forget your beads.

Door donations are as follows:
Single Males-$20, Couples-$10 and we don't expect any door donations from single ladies.

So bring your beads and wear green and we'll see you Saturday night March 20th in Murfreesboro starting at 8:00. Couples and single females may arrive at 7:30 p.m.

Email us at to get the details and RSVP list.

Coming In May 2021 House Of Carnal Near Columbia TN


Had an excellent turnout this past Saturday for Super Bang. Guarantee you it was much better than the Super Bowl on Sunday.
I've been talking about this space for upcoming parties and Sunday got a chance to look at it. It's perfect to turn into a party place but it will be a complete overhaul. Right now with various crews scheduled we're looking at a target date of opening in May. This is a two story house which will be converted into a party place. There will be plenty of elbow room for 100-200 people plus parking is not a problem. Place has a few acres which will be developed to place outbuildings on consisting of bedrooms and other play space. Other outdoor amenities in the plans include a water fountain, fire pit, spacious outdoor deck, above ground pool and an area for a hottub.
There will be rooms available for overnight guests and name chain motels are just right down the road within spitting distance.
We will kick off the parties when this space is ready with an all day/night barbecue free of charge. This will give you a chance to come take a look at it and see what you think. While our overhead will be significantly larger, we are looking into options of keeping costs to you low with the idea of being way much lower than any other adult lifestyle club. May 15th is our target date and hopefully we'll be able to reach it. Watch for information concerning the brand new House Of Carnal. It will truly be nothing but pleasures of the flesh.

Top Five Status Messages You Might Have Missed This Past Week February 22nd

 Top Five Status Messages You May Have Missed This Past Week February 22nd

5.  Ever look at someone and think...your mom's eggs had to be expired?

4.  I just saw my ex getting beaten by six thugs,  My first thought was 'Should I help?' Then I though, 'Na 6 should be enough'

3.  Cum is such an ugly word.  I prefer throat lotion.

2.  Women put in their dating profiles that they want a 'partner in crime' but when I show up with ski masks and blueprints to the bank, suddenly I'm 'unstable' and a 'danger to society'....
What a double standard!

1.  The woman who put Gorilla Glue in her hair raised $21,000 on GoFundMe.  Excuse me while I go tar and feather my scrotum.

Cravin' Naughty Pics February 22, 2021

Inappropriate Memes February 22 2021