Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Club Crave Party and Events Kik Group



Our Kik group is starting to come around. This is a 100 spot room with 53 open spots. We've got more guys than women as most rooms do.
We are looking for more women to participate in the group chats. Not saying you have to be active for 24 hours a day 7 days a week but think about it as an opportunity to make some new female friends.
So all this week we are opening the KIK room to verified females only.
I think I got it figured out. Men will be allowed in the room next week (starting February 26th) but in an attempt to even things out a little bit more than what they are now we are only accepting females.
Alright so hit me up on KIK (naughtywildcpl) if you are a female. We do also welcome trans presenting as a female to the room as well.


St. Patrick's Day Naughty Gras Party Saturday March 25th 8:00P Murfreesboro


No more over the phone reservations for me. Last Saturday Coolminie and myself physically went to our regular party spot and reserved it for Saturday March 25th so there shouldn't be anymore issues and getting our rooms swept out from underneath us like we experienced for the February party. So we hope you'll move forward with us as we present the celebration of two events in one party with our annual St. Paddy's Naughty Gras party.

Bring beads and wear green Saturday night March 25th in Murfreesboro with the party that proves horny women will do just about anything to earn beads.

We have a huge socializing suite where we put the party music, snacks and drinks. We've got some very potent drunk gummies we'll share with the party goers as they've been soaking for a few months now.

Bring your own booze, ice and a cooler to keep your booze cold in.
Also wouldn't hurt to bring a lawn chair or two in case we run out of seats in the socializing area.

For the St Patrick's Day theme, we'll light up a couple of the adjacent rooms in green lighting. One bedroom has two queen size beds you can play on. The other has a pretty good sized king size bed. As the RSVP list warrants we can also get two more adjoining rooms to add more space totalling (4 bedrooms) and one big social space (kinda like a house).

So we figured we'd give away a prize to the lady who has collected the most beads between 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. To enter the contest you need to let us know you are participating.

The lady who has collected the most beads will win a couple of body wash bottles from Coolminie's oversized collection er I mean a gift certificate from Bed Bath and Body Works.

This party is open to everyone in the various alternative lifestyles
Door donations:
Single men $40.00. Pre-pay $30.00
Couples: $30.00. Pre-pay $20.00
Single Females and Trans presenting as females: Free

So wear green and bring beads and we'll celebrate Mardi Gras and St. Patricks Day all in one wild party Saturday night March 25th starting at 8:00

Email naughtywildcpltn@gmail.com for details and we'll see you Saturday March 25th in Murfreesboro.

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