Monday, January 15, 2024

Superbang Saturday Night Porn Party February 10th Murfreesboro 8p


Ok team huddle up. As you know the big game is coming up and we need to make sure we get all the ladies sexual frustrations out of the way Saturday so we can watch our favorite team win the Super Bowl on Sunday. (All you Titan and Patriot fans maybe next year)
So here's the game plan. We're going to rearrange the couches at the party spot, add a few chairs, darken the room a little bit by killing all the bright lights and bringing out the colored light bulbed lamps for that adult bookstore environment, then we'll plug up some TVs put on a few football and valentine's themed porn movies and host the Bang Before The Bowl...SuperBang Saturday Night Porn Party.

In addition to the big suite, we have two bedrooms in which to play in. One room has two queen size beds and the other a king size bed which means plenty of room for all the orgy, gangbang and other sexual play.

What you need to bring:
Bring your own bottle, bring a cooler and ice to keep your drinks cold.
A camp chair if we run out of chair and couch space (unless you like to sit on the floor)
Condoms and lube, toys if you want etc

What we'll bring:
Party snacks including chips, dips, and usual party snacks.
Soft drinks and water (you got to keep hydrated especially if you participate in all the hot and sweaty action)
Coolminie will be making her award winning Taco Pie (she'll make a big pan but get there on time cause this stuff will be gone before you know it).
Party music to play in the background of all the moaning a porn video makes.
Color coded bracelets for the purpose of identifying your preferred sexual orientation.

Door donation: Single men-$40, Couples-$30, Single Females-Free.
Pre-pay and save $10 off the door donation.

Doors open at 8 and will close at 10. Plenty of time to get there on time.

For 27 years, we've been hosting events. Club Crave is an safe, open minded party scene based in Middle Tennessee. You are never required to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. We are the only party and event scene in which the admins double as security to handle any issue which arises.

Come score a touchdown and bang before the Bowl. Saturday February 10th at the SuperBang Saturday Night Porn Party. 8:00p Murfreesboro.
Sign up on the sign up list or email us at to RSVP.

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