Monday, May 18, 2020

Sunday Night Chat 6-8P Via Kik App On Phone

Yeah I know it's Memorial Day weekend coming up. But I'm bringing Sunday night chat back from 6-8p CST in our main KIK room and this room is primarily for single females and couples.

This Sunday night we're going to play the Family Feud style game Survey Says. 100 people surveyed top six answers on the board. The winner Sunday night will get a free pass to the party plus get the chance to put their name in twice as registering for the grand prize tickets to the Theory of A Deadman concert August 15th. The drawing will be held at the COVID party June 13th in Murfreesboro and you must be present to win.

For the single males we do have another groups with a few single ladies in it. To make it fair we will do the game again (different questions) Sunday May 31st.

To get your place in the groups, email us at

Corruptor's Top Five Status Messages You May Have Missed Last Week May 18 2020

5.  My swear jar is now worth more than my stock portfolio.
4.  If you wear a face mask, your co-workers can't smell the alcohol on your breath.
3.  Pre-employment drug tests are misleading.  I didn't get to try any of them.
2.  I might have a slight drinking problem.  Wife asked me to toast some bread for her so I raised my wine glass and said "Here's to bread"
1.  I've run out of entertainment during this lockdown, so I anonymously  sent my neighbor flowers every Saturday evening with the message "I miss you".  Then I go to my balcony with a drink and listen to his wife interrogate him.  Pure entertainment!

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