Monday, July 11, 2022

Saturday Night Porn Party August 20th 8P Murfreesboro

The closest adult theater is like a couple hours down the road. So we thought with our next party we'd somewhat recreate the atmosphere. The last time we did this proved to be a big hit. So Saturday night August 20th Club Crave presents "Saturday Night Porn Party." Now while this is more of an in action play party than our normal ones, we will have the party snacks, drunk gummies (I'm putting a lock on the lid after they are fixed so they don't disappear this time) and more. The main lights in all the rooms will be turned off with the dark light bulb lamps replacing them so people can still see to get around. Porn will be showing in all three rooms with play allowed in the socializing room for this party. (It's an mini adult theater atmosphere gotta use all the space) We will also be constructing a glory hole for those into that. Door donations are as follows: Single males $40, Couples$30, Single females free If you pre-pay your donation it's $10 off. Saturday night August 20th 8:00 p.m. It's the Saturday Night Porn Party and I expect wall to wall sex from start to finish just like the last time. Email us at for the details

Impromptu Meet And Greet Saturday August 6th Murfreesboro 7:00

We have a room mate who identifies as trans. She is celebrating a birthday this particular weekend. So we thought we'd put a impromptu meet and greet and while it's mainly for the LGBTQ community, it is open to all open minded people.
The meet and greet will start at 7:00 and the venue has a wide selection of food and drink (including alcohol).
For those of you who have singing talents, there will be karaoke.
The meet and greet will wrap up at 10p and if there's enough interest, there will be a play after party. So come out for Luna's birthday, and if you're interested there's an afterparty you can participate in as well. Email us at for the details.

Inappropriate Memes July 11 2022

Corruptor's Collection Of Porn-Spencer Scott

Mashup Monday: MixmstrStel-Luxurious Pie

Cravin' Naughty Pics July 11 2022

Dance Tease Monday: Rodgers-Alright