Monday, May 15, 2023

M.I.L.F Beats The "D" Party Saturday Night May 20th Murfreesboro. TN 8P


So we're always game to helping people fulfill their fantasies in as much of a safe and fun environment as possible.  Saturday night May 20th one of our regular party goers is going to put on his dinosaur costume and he is allowing ladies who attend the party to come up and spank him and test his limits.
We're serious about this.

On top of that, we've been pretty successful at hosting gangbang scenes (amongst other play) at the various parties.  We know there are couples and single ladies out there which have tried to throw their own but have been unsuccessful simply because the guys they invite flake out.  
There is a pretty good chance if you want to be involved in a gangbang, you'll have success at one of the Club Crave Parties.

Saturday night May 20th, you don't have to be a mother to participate but in observance of Mother's Day we want to invite you ladies to come beat the Dino at our M.I.L.F. Beats The "D" Party. (see how I tied all that in with a Mother's Day theme)

The party will be held at our usual spot and since there is a emphasis on BDSM play, we are getting an extra room for that very particular thing.  Some BDSM play can be a little overwhelming and we don't want to scare people away so we'll have a spacious room designated for BDSM play.

We have a huge socializing room where you can mix and mingle, hang out, listen to music, partake in party snacks and soft drinks and enjoy fun conversation.

The room with the queen size beds will be for those into the gangbang scene.
We will have posters available for participating ladies to write their limits on and we'll duct tape the posters above the wall on the bed you are playing.
After the night is over, you decide whether to keep your poster or leave it hanging on the wall for housekeeping to view the next day.  

If you'd like we'll introduce you to the guy dressed in a dino costume and it's your choice ladies you can spank the big "D" (unless his limit is reached) or you can just leave him be. (We already have a few ladies who are working out and will be lining up to wear him out)

All you need to bring is your bottle (or bottles) of liquid encouragement, a horny and fun upbeat attitude, a lawn chair to plop your butt in in case all the other seats are taken, ice and cooler to keep your drinks cold and condoms, lubes and toys if you want.

The fun starts at 8p with the doors closing at 10:30p.  We announce the parties well in advance to give you time to take care of whatever you need to take care of and make the necessary arrangements to be there during the window of time specified.

Door donations are as follows.  Single Guys $40 (prepay is just $30), Couples $30 (prepay is just $20) and Single Ladies are free.  Email us at for more information.

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