Sunday, February 16, 2020

Happy Ending Motel Block Party Saturday March 28th 2020 Murfreesboro

I know you'll be glad when all the threats of cold, snow and ice end and while it doesn't necessarily clear out completely come spring time, we all are Happy to see the winter ending and the spring starting.  So come celebrate Spring Break with us as Club Crave presents.  Happy Ending 2020 Saturday March 28th.  Meal starts at 7:00.  Party starts at 8:00. 
March 28th, we're going to start offering a dinner plate that starts at 7:00.  Dinner is served until 7:59 p.m. Now while the dinner menu has not been determined as of yet.  It will be some home cooked food brought to the party.  This will be an extra feature added on to every party we throw going forward.  The food will be not only fixed but also served to you the night of the party by the Club Crave Topless Food Crew.  When you RSVP for the party, we'll send more details about the food offerings. 
8:00 that's when the party starts.  It's a motel room block party.  We'll have a room for socializing and one for playing in.  Others will be renting rooms in the same area and can open their rooms up for private or public play. 
We will have icebreaker socializing games such as Cards Against Humanity, Dirty Dice etc for those that want to participate. 
While the main food items will be cleared out after 8, we will offer party snacks such as chips, dip, 2 liter cokes, cookies etc.
Upon availability one of our party goers sets up a massage table and offers massages
And yes I'm making up a new six pound batch of those infamous drunk gummies. 
Door domations: Single males-$20, Couples-$10 and Single Ladies-Free.
2020 is the year emphasing fulfilling fantasies.  Let us know what your fantasy is upon emailing us for details and we'll talk and see what we can get worked out. 
I know you're happy about winter ending so come celebrate with us and get your happy ending Saturday March 28th beginning at 7 for the meal, 8 for the party.
Email us at for details

Steak and Blowjob Meet and Greet Saturday March 14th 2020 7:00 Murfreesboro

You know what March 14th is right?  Steak and Blowjob Day.  It's also the Saturday before St. Paddy's Day.  Saturday March 14th.  It's another Naughty List/Club Crave meet and greet as we gather together to honor the two traditions in Murfreesboro.  First we'll meet at a bar and grill with steak on the menu starting at 7:00.  Then it's on to the afterparty starting at 9:00 for those that are interested in attending.  Wear green in recognition of St. Patrick's Day. 
We've had some really good turnouts as this is a great way for people to get together and meet other like open minded couples, single females and single males.
Some come hang out with us, drink with us, enjoy some good food over fun conversation.
Saturday night March 14th starting at 7:00 in Murfreesboro.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Top Five Status Messages You Might Have Missed This Past Week January 6 2020

Top Five Status Messages You May Have Missed This Past Week January 6th 2020

5.  You say "premarital sex" like there's "postmarital sex"
4.  I'm not saying I have a drinking problem, I'm proving it.
3.  I sexually identify as that one flickering letter on the neon motel sign.
2.  My new year's resolution is not to have sex with supermodels
1.  I sent a tin of macaroni to Ethopia and I've just received a letter back saying thanks for the leg warmers.

Cravin Naughty Pics January 6 2020

AC/DC Thunderstruck

Corruptor's Collection Of Porn January 6 2020

Naughty By Nature-O.P.P.