Thursday, November 12, 2020

Let's Put The "XXX" In XXXmas Party Saturday December 12th Murfreesboro. Doors Open At 7:00p

 Hey Corruptor,

It's Rudolph,  Just wanted to give you the news that you my friend made the nice list this year.  Can you believe it?  Santa would have broke the news to you himself but he's been shaking his head non stop for the past two days in shock since the lists came out.  He didn't want me to tell you but he's investigating how this happened.  He says it's all a big mistake and he's got a meeting next week with a group who specializes in voter fraud says it's kind of the same thing.  

Thanks for continuing to throw the parties.  We here on the north pole gather round our television sets when you had parties and watched them on ELF (Everybody Loves Fucking) TV.  Damn dude the action at your parties sure made our deer dicks hard.  Santa got tired of us wearing Mrs. Claus out he finally broke the rule and brought in a few doe to share the wealth. He knows he made a mistake cause it was the weekend of that hot Saturday night porn party of yours.  Needless to say when Vixen or Prancer retire we won't have to look far for their replacement.
Keep up the great work and I have something to admit to you.  Ever hear of a talking or typing deer?  No?  Well you shouldn't believe everything then especially this whole nice list way on Donner's life will you ever make the nice list.  Have fun at the let's put the "XXX" in XXXmas party and don't forget to leave out the porn and cookies for Santa Christmas Eve.

Saturday night December 12th Murfreesboro TN it's the annual let's put the "XXX" in XXXmas party and we're inviting each and every open minded person to come hang out and have fun with us as we celebrate another year on the Naughty List.

Bring an in-expensive gift (use your imagination) and participate in our Naughty Dirty Santa game. 

We'll decorate a small Christmas tree with pornaments.

And what XXXmas party will be complete without Santa Corruptor granting naughty wishes and desires helping to fill fantasies?

We will open the doors to the party at 7:00 p.m.  The Naughty Dirty Santa game will start promptly at 8:00 so if you are participating in it don't be late.

As always BYOB, bring a cooler and ice to keep your drinks cold.  We will have 2 liters and party snacks including chicken nuggets and pizza rolls (you'll have to microwave them yourself)

We'll have other icebreaker games available for people to play.

This is a motel block party just like Hedonistic Halloween.  Unlike Hedonistic Halloween however I do not see myself getting sick before this party.  If you came to Hedonsitic Halloween and you didn't get the room numbers (as I was also involved in a car wreck that night) when you email us to start the process let me know in your email.

Also be sure to let me know if you are interested or need to stay overnight and we'll hook you up with a room next to us.

We will get a group discount the more rooms that are rented.

New to parties:  Temperatures will be taken at the door upon entry by Corruptor's lil' helpers.  If you have a fever, do yourself and us a favor and skip this party.  We are planning others as we speak. 

So come hang out with us, get your XXXmas Wish List fulfilled and help us celebrate XXXmas Saturday night December 12th at 7:00 in Murfreesboro.

Door donations are as follows: Single males-$20, Couples-$10.  Single ladies are free. 

Get the process to getting your official invite started by emailing and we'll get you more details.

One other thing, I'm working on a surprise for this party.  I know I have one and I'm sure I can entice others so come check out what I got in store.

We have three active KIK Groups for people who want to meet other people who come to parties and events.  Feel free when you email me to let me know you are interested and we'll take the steps needed to add you to the groups so you too can meet others who are coming December 15th.