Monday, July 17, 2023

Door Donations and Camping Fee For Camp Carnal Events

 Fees for tent camping at Camp Carnal.  
Everyone is encouraged to camp out at Camp Carnal's events.  Bring a tent and camping gear if you so desire to do so.
Because we are gearing this to be a campground and we are light years away from making it a campground just like the already established gay and other lifestyle campgrounds we need to raise funds to help build the property.  Team members are very thorough and have planned for a bridge to help solve the one vehicle at a time problem...Double the space by building a complete second level to the club building (6400 square feet) but we have to seriously discuss the proposed DJ area and more.
I am aware of the various costs of these other campgrounds...well maybe not the one that reopened as a resort recently but you can bet we will be fair and affordabl and all around significantly inexpensive in comparison even as we grow.

The door donations at the events will remain the same.  The one element however which is changing is there will be no pre-pay discounts.  Single male event donation is $40. Couples donation is $30 and while Single Females are free we are going to have them bring a bag or two of chips (and dip if apply) or cookies or cake (as we have some which love to bake.)

We do not have set hours for partying.  You know us.  We party till the last man is standing.  We do not want anyone driving under the influence so if you aren't camping but you need a space to crash you are more than welcome to hang out after the party is over and crash out on one of the couches or mattresses in the clubhouse or even in your own car for no extra charge.

If you want to camp.  Camp fees are just (are you sitting down for this?)  $10 per tent.  Way cheaper than a state park (plus you can't really run around naked at a state park)

Not going up on door donation event fees as we think they are affordable compared to everybody else's but we are imposing a tent camping fee and it's still cheaper than a state park or a motel room.  

This will go into effect starting with the August 19th event.

Thanks to all who came out Saturday for Camp Carnal's First Event

 For those of you who made it to the first Camp Carnal event this past Saturday.  Thank you and I hope you had fun.  We had a few tents in the camping area and people staying over.  

The designated area for camping is a great big area and is a perfect spot for many tents.  Coolminie and myself hope to actually get to camp the next time with you.  (Little did we know our air mattress was actually too big for the tent.)  We plan to have a bigger tent which can sleep several if need be in place for the next event.

I know several probably stayed back because of the threatening rain.  The rain held off though.  We were looking at purchasing a decent size swimming pool but figured if it did rain like the weather gurus were telling us all week it would, nobody would use it.  So we didn't buy one.  It's a good thing we didn't, we didn't have room in the car for it anyway.

The official square footage of the shop building we are converting into a clubhouse is 3200 square feet.  There are still some things we need to clear out of the building and work will begin on that in the upcoming week.  Plans are an auction company is coming to look over the stuff up for auction.  (We will let you know when and where to find the online auction so if it's stuff you would love to bid on you can.)
We will not be auctioning off any people.  (I shouldn't have to say that but I know there has to be at least one who will ask)

Work will also be done in the places we have designated for parking to get those areas ready for the next event in August.  
As of right now we are looking for someone to bush hog a few areas of the property.  In trade you can have the potential hay if you bushhog and bale it it's all yours.

We will be painting the floor in the clubhouse and hopefully have that completed before the next event in August.  The ideas tossed around on how to go about painting it are really good and you'll be impressed at the finish product.  

We have enough chairs and tables for people to sit at.  We also have enough couches and lounge chairs for people to sit.  We need twin or full size mattresses (goal is four) to set around the clubhouse for on premises play.  We need to make sure a truck is available to haul them back to Camp Carnal once we find them.  More than likely we will concentrate on acquiring mattresses within the next two weekends.

If you have stuff to donate, for us to use for future events, I realize I may not have been clear but if you donate a chair or a couch or a mattress, we will trade the donation in for a free haul pass to one of the events.  If by chance the donation value is bigger than a free haul pass, we will give two haul passes etc.  

Now for a couple of rules both are reminders

1.  Parties and events at Club Carnal will start at 5:00 for tent set up for those camping.  The party itself will start at 7:00.  You can come to the property and get your tent set up with plenty of time before the party starts.  Just like Saturday, there will be a bonfire area around the camping area.  Starting with the August event, NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE GROUNDS AFTER 8:00.
Gang, those who have been to the property understands why.  There is no room in several spots of the 0.7 mile driveway for cars to pass each other.  So when someones leaving the property after it gets dark, we need to know 100 percent sure the driveway is clear from start to finish because there's a couple of fairly deep drop offs along the driveway.  We will set a date for the next event and post it very quickly so you can ask off work, take care of whatever arrangements you need to make to get here on time.

2. All who come to an event or party at Camp Carnal must go through the "vetting" process.  If you are a couple or you want to bring someone when you go through the process just acknowledge the extra person or people.  Anyone who doesn't physically show up with you must be vetted by themselves.  Do not give the address to the place out to anyone no matter if they email you telling I haven't gotten back to them with the address or whatever information.  

3.  The campground is open on party/event days only starting at 5:00 to set up your tent/tents.  At this point we are not able to handle RV's, mini-houses or other living quarters not defined as a tent.  (Future goal is to get land perked and prepped for a handful of spaces to accommodate RV's and the like)
Unless you are part of the Club Crave/Camp Carnal team, everyone needs to depart by 10:00.  When I put the hours from 7:00p Saturday to 10:00 am Sunday it does not mean that it's cool to come out to the property at 9:50 am Sunday morning ready to party. Gang help me out from coming up with new rules by using some common sense.  

Next event is the "Building The Largest Pool And Back To School Camping Event" Saturday August 19th.  Property opens at 5:00 for camping set up, 7:00 for party.  
Come indulge in pleasures of the flesh at Camp Carnal.

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