Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Update On Parties

 So people have been asking when the next party is going to be and the answer is (drum roll please) sometime in June hopefully.
While we're getting the funds built back up in the savings account, some other dark clouds have found their way over my head.  I didn't think it possible but I have had to assume even more work duties than ever before and while the timing wasn't great for that, I've also had to deal with a family tragedy (which will result in an upcoming funeral) and the aftermath of dealing with such things as a trust, probate, courts etc and after looking briefly into what I'm going to be jumping in it will basically be another full time job just to make sure things go correctly.  This is not going to anything close to easy task.
So be patient with me, we'll get the party train rolling again and if everything goes the way it's supposed to, we should be back with a much better and regular spot to party in but at this stage I can't guarantee that.
Let me take care of business, family matters and all that  and I'll be back soon to let you know when the next party is (and finally update our poor website.)
Party Hard