Monday, July 12, 2021

Second Chances On Kik Groups and Club Crave Party Scene

 I'm going to make a lot of important points in this post about KIK so don't miss anything about what I'm about to share.
The Club Crave KIK groups are a extension of the party scene.  They do not define the parties and events.  It is simply a way to talk to people who attend the parties and events.
People find our groups through various means
1.  KIK room search.  They'll type in Tenn... Murfreesboro, Nashville and other key words and KIK will have our rooms in the listing results  

2.  Craigslist or Doublelist...yeah we advertise on there not as much as we used to but still.

3.  Emails.  We send out emails to the party goers and our KIK groups are mentioned in there

4.  Fetlife.  Our Kik groups are listed on posts in the various Club Crave/Naughty List of Middle Tennessee Fetlife groups

5.  Club Crave Website.  We have a entire page of links devoted to finding our groups on other lifestyle sites including the KIK groups.

6.  Swinglifestyle and other lifestyle sites.  Again mostly through emails and messaging others through the various groups we admin.

We have a few rules in our KIK groups but a lot of times people in means 1 and 2 will ignore the posts.  It's pretty easy to see why.  Most people in groups 1 and 2 have no idea what Club Crave is.  Usually they are the ones that have their dicks in their hand looking for a quickie, nooner, seeing if anyone is up at an ungodly hour of 2:30 in the morning looking to rub one out etc.  So they jump in the room and they don't read or even really see the welcome message if there is one, they start private messaging all the women they can find as fast as they can because they know if someone is up they are fixing to get the ban if the room is active.  
What's funny is most of these rooms around here are dead and when they come in they'll see the pretty women, and private message them right away and it's a bot or some scam.  
Their odds of scoring anything are as good as winning the lottery but it's a challenge they accept.  
These people are never coming to a party or event and what's crazy is they would probably get their sexual fix taken care of if they did but who knows what goes on inside their head.
These people are conditioned to enter these rooms and start booty calling right away and when they get into a club crave room and find it's an active room, they kind of freak out.  Then it gets worse when they find out we throw parties and events.  What kind of kik group throws parties and events.  There aren't too many out there.  They really get taken back when they discover an active website and we have rules.
One of those rules happens to be don't private message without permission.  
Again, guys don't read the rules or they'll skip over them.  

The issue becomes they may have discovered we throw parties and events and it intrigues them but then while asking the questions so many of them ask they are multitasking and breaking the no private messaging people rule.  They get banned from the room which automatically makes them ineligible for parties.  
Here's where the issue gets even more complex.  Say I am a member of the Club Crave Fetlife group.  I sign up for a party and get an email of the details and also in the email it talks about the KIK group.  I don't have the KIK app, I don't join the KIK group so I don't have the opportunity or to break any of the rules.  
So as a result of the controversy of this subject. Depending on the circumstances of what you did to get removed from the KIK room, you may still be eligible for parties.  We may even give you a second chance in the KIK rooms with more restrictions imposed again all pending upon what you've done to cause the removal in the first place.

So understand just like I do, all walks and talks of life use KIK.  They come from everywhere.  Educating people about Club Crave and the parties and events may be just simply what some of these people need to slow their I'm thirsty roll and get themselves under control.  It won't apply to a whole big number of people but I am willing to look into each persons situation and maybe give them a second chance now after they understand what our scene is all about and why we're different than the huge majority of KIK chat rooms.