Club Crave Party And Event Rules

Club Crave/Naughty List Of Middle Tennessee Rules:
We put a priority on providing a safe, secure, fun atmosphere with an emphasis on respecting others.
Our party rules will strictly be enforced at all events
1.  No weapons of any kind.
2.  No means No.  Be respectful.  No stalking or creepy behavior allowed.  Do not constantly ask the same person over and over again to play.  Once the answer of no is given, move on.
3.  Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
4.  Closed doors to bedrooms usually means the people want privacy, unless you are a significant other or have been specifically invited into said bedroom stay out.  The option is yours if you want the bedroom door closed for privacy or open for non-privacy
5.  Do NOT lock the doors to any rooms.
6.  Clean up your own mess no matter what kind it is or how bad the mess may be!
7.  NO PICTURES ARE ALLOWED AT THE PARTIES OR EVENTS.  We used to allow them under strict guidance however even that didn't get followed.
8.  Drugs are not allowed at the event.  (If you have them leave them in the car or your own motel room etc)
9.  Prostitution is not allowed!
10.  There are some events where people skilled in the art of massage will be giving massages.  You are not to bother these people unless you are the significant other or have been specificially called upon to touch, play etc.
11.  BDSM scenes, kink and fetish scenes are allowed and encouraged.  Please undergo this type play in bedrooms. At motel block parties, there will be a designated area for such play.  Respect the area and the people in that area.  Give them their space and do not interfere.
12.  Club Crave/Naughty List Of Middle Tennessee is not responsible for any stolen lost or damaged property.  You are encouraged to leave your valuables locked up in your car, your motel room or wherever.
13.  Over consumption of alcohol....Been there done it nobody's gonna judge you for it.  However you or your significant other needs to clean up any messes you make.
14.  Condom usage is up to the lady individual and her significant other.  Once the lady gives you her decision, do not question that decision act accordingly.

15.  Unless otherwise specified, all parties crank up at 7:00.   Doors will close promptly, phones will be shut down, emails turned off etc no later than 9:00 unless otherwise stated in the party ad itself.  The only exception is if you are a party regular and it is a work or family oriented excuse.  Too many newbies playing phone games....coming after their ball game is over....their wife falls asleep out of exhaustion etc.  If you can't make it on time within the time frames given, you can always try another party.