Club Crave Party And Event Rules

Rules Revised February 2-22-2023. These are found also on the website.

We put a priority on providing a safe secure fun atmosphere with an emphasis on respecting others.

1. “No” means “no”. The word is easy to pronounce. It's easy to comprehend. Be respectful. No stalking or creepy behavior allowed.
Do not constantly hound people to play. Once the answer of “no” is given...move on.
2. No pictures are allowed at parties or events. Anyone caught taking them with their phone will be stopped immediately. We will babysit you while the photos are deleted and kick you out after.
3. No illegal drugs. (If you have them leave them in your car). No weapons of any kind. You ain't got anything special so we ain't paying you for sex meaning no prostitution.
4. Nobody is responsible for any stolen, lost, or damaged property. Leave valuables locked up in your trunk, in your motel room. We love being tempted sexually. Don't provide people temptation of stealing your stuff.
Condom usage is up to the lady individual and her significant other.  Once the lady gives you her decision, do not question that decision act accordingly.
Don't condom up and then pull it off before entering. That's not cute, you're not a magician but I am...anyone attempting that crap will definitely disappear and banned.
6. Speaking of condoms. Clean em up after you use them. The floor, the counters, the nightstands are not for you to pile em up on. Clean em up or never return. I ain't about picking up after you. There's trash bags in the various rooms, you can't miss em....use em.
7. Speaking of messes, clean up after yourself. If you spill a beer clean it up. If you drop a plate of chips, clean it up. If you overdo your alcohol intake and share it on the floor, clean it up. If you go up the poop chute and you pass that point causing shit to fly literally everywhere clean the shit up. Don't leave it for the next person. In other words clean up the mess you make no matter what kind it is or how bad the mess may be.
8. Do NOT lock the doors to any rooms (unless it's the bathroom we will allow total privacy there.
9. From time to time we do have some people skilled in the art of massage, they'll even bring massage tables to prove it.
Do not act all Master Massage when someone is giving a massage to someone else and attempt to swoop in. Leave them alone. You swoop in, I'll swoop you out the door and you'll never be allowed to return.

10. BDSM scenes, kink and fetish scenes are allowed and encouraged.  Please undergo this type play in bedrooms. At motel block parties, there will be a designated area for such play.  Respect the area and the people in that area.  Give them their space and do not interfere.
Also NO BDSM scene should be carried out by people who are highly intoxicated. Admins have the authority to step in when needed to break a scene up amongst people who are under the influence.

11. Automatic bans for life for people who ask the following:
1. How many people are you expecting?
2. How many people are presently there?
3. Will you send us pictures or give us details of what's happening right now at the party?

4. I want the phone number of the woman who took on 25 men at the party. (Not happening)

12.  No more texting, texting, texting and not showing up. That gets way old! From here on out, anyone who pulls that shit will be banned from parties or events. You get a limit of three questions you can ask with one being the room number or address....choose the other two questions wisely!

13. Club Crave parties will start at 8:00p. Couples and single females may arrive at 7 to get settled in and talk to other couples and singles for comfortability. Single males arrive no earlier than 8:00.
We close the doors at 9:00 and while we do allow for late arrivals, you need to give us a heads up and a reason why. (No not waiting for your significant other to fall asleep so you can sneak out is NOT a good reason).
Family and work obligations are understandable to some degree and letting me know you get through work at 1:00 in the morning is a little extreme don't you think?

14. Open relationship or poly people this applies to you. If you are bragging about being in an “open” relationship or poly etc expect us (me and you) to discuss your situation. In order to attend the parties and events without the significant other, you will need permission from yours truly, otherwise you need to come as a couple. Again people at our parties are respectful towards others. No one is made to do anything they feel is uncomfortable. All open minded non drama causing people no matter their kink, fetish or lifestyle are welcome. This whole “I'm in an open relationship” only to find out it's being hidden from that significant other is not acceptable. Both of you can come and experience a party quit leaving the ladies behind.

15. Doms, yeah, Doms. Most Doms or men in general dream about the harem life right? It's not nearly as glamorous at it sounds trust me.
If you have a significant other, she must accompany you to the party.
No Dom can collar more than two submissives or submissive prospects to any party. We ain't playing this I've ordered them to sit and watch while I go play with anyone I want to or my subs aren't allowed to speak to anyone unless I give them my express blood written permission.
If you have a significant other, it's required you bring them and you may only bring on other submissive role dynamic female.
Those attempting to break this rule will be thrown out. We don't put up with “collectors”. Besides most of you “dominant actors” can barely handle one woman anyway.

These rules have been created as experiences warrant. More rules will be added when and if necessary.