Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Super Bang February 11th 8:00 P Murfreesboro

Alright team huddle up.  We got the big game coming up Sunday.
There's some tight ends that need to be taken care of beforehand and our job could get a little slippery but as long as we score plenty of touchdowns and stay away from unnecessary roughness personal foul penalties we should win the big game.

It's the annual bang before the bowl....SuperBang 2023.  Saturday night February 11th in Murfreesboro with the kickoff starting at 8p.  

This is a full Club Crave party opened to all sexual orientations.  We do not body shame or kink shame.  As long as it's legal and consensual you're good.

We'll bring out the colored light bulbs to give the party an ambience of an adult bookstore theater experience without the smell of smoke clinging to your clothes.  

Porn will be playing on computers in all three rooms.

Three rooms including a socializing suite with one bedroom having two queen size beds and the other a king size bed.  

Bring your liquid encouragement, bring a cooler and ice to keep your drinks cold and because we run out of seats quickly bring your camping/mesh/lawn chair to ensure a place to sit.  

There'll be a community toy bag with various toys and BDSM stuff in it.  The equipment is completely clean and is available for your use.  (We do expect you to assume responsibility and clean the stuff that you do use after play)

We have a snack area with chips, party snacks and 2 liters.  

Party music will be playing in the socializing suite.

So grab your helmets, put on your pads and attend the Bang before the Bowl Saturday night February 11th in Murfreesboro starting at 8:00 p.m.

Email naughtywildcpltn@gmail.com for the details

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