Monday, December 4, 2023

Let's Put The "X" in Xmas Saturday December 16th 8p Murfreesboro

 Man what a year for some great wild parties. Those Saturday night porn parties were off the chain. We watched all the action on ELF (Everybody Loves Fuckin) TV this year.
The reindeer really got extra horny this year. Through watching your parties they discovered anal plugs and fuck machines. I'm not into animals but watching Donner and Blitzen pleasure themselves sometimes even gets Santa's old stubby come to attention.

Have another outstanding party Saturday and remember as always leave the porn and cookies out for me Christmas Eve.
Santa Claus
Santa will be watching all the naughtiness Saturday December 16th in Murfreesboro starting at 8:00 p.m.

We will do a "Dirty Santa" gift giveaway.  If you would like to participate bring a inexpensive gift to exchange (usually liquor and adult toys have been the most popular in the past).  Dirty Santa starts promptly at 8:15 so get their on time

Dress up in your sexiest Santa suit or Elf (helper) lingerie.  Cash prize awarded to the sexiest male and sexiest female as voted on by those in attendance.  Voting starts promptly at the conclusion of the Dirty Santa gift giveaway.

We will also be drawing for other prizes throughout the evening from our prize closet.

We provide party snacks as in chips/dips, cookies, and CoolMinie's prize award winning Apple Cobbler (it gets devoured quickly).  We'll also put together a big bowl of Drunk Gummies and anything that's left Santa can take back with him to the North Pole.

We'll have a socializing room where the contests will take place .  We'll have the party tunes playing in the background.  

There are two adjoining darkened bedrooms highlighted by red and black lightbulbed lamps to create a dimmer atmosphere.  Play is encouraged in the bedrooms.  Corruptor's Collection Of Porn will be on in both bedrooms through laptop computers.

At Club Crave parties all sexual lifestyles and all genders are welcome.  Starting with the December 16th party we will have color coded bracelets to hand to our guests so they can easily identify what people are or are not into.  

Our door donation fees are as follows:
Single men $40.  Prepay by 11:59p.m. Friday December 15th and get a $10.00 discount
Couples $30.  Prepay by 11:59 p.m. Friday December 15th and get a $10.00 discount.
Single Ladies-Free.  Please bring a bag of chips or a 2-liter soda to contribute to the food table.

Single men $60.  No prepay
Couples $40.  No prepay
Single ladies-Free.

Single Men $100 No prepay
Couples $50 No prepay

After midnight, no matter the excuse you will be turned away.

If you prepaid and you arrive later than 10:00 your prepay discount is void and you will be expected to pay the outstanding balance.

Email for more information

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