Thursday, April 29, 2021

BDSM "Community Leaders" Are A Joke


The following post comes off the recent situation where an "elder" in the Clarksville BDSM communities was arrested for a good amount of drugs and guns. His arrest brought to light abuse situations with several women in this lifestyle. The "elder" was in this for several years and leaders did nothing about his abuse situations (not surprising) and some even protected him.
So if any of this hits home (because I address a few things that have been going on in addition to this) and you get pissed off....please repeat after me "I, Corruptor, don't give a fuck" Now read on:

"Leaders" in many of these BDSM communities are a joke. It's pathetic and hypocritcal how "leaders" always love to deal with the good side of life but when a problem arises they run.
It's one of the big reasons why most of these purists in these communities and these "leaders" have a problem with me. I don't run from anything. I accept the fact it's my responsibility to step up and deal with the bad as well as the good. That's what I would look for in a "leader."
See i don't do "elders". This ain't a cult, it ain't church. I don't do "communities". Communities are filled with self righteous hypocritical cliques that keep control over people constantly threatening if you attend other parties you won't be allowed to be in their clique no more. You want to know why they do that?

  1. Insecurity is the main thing. Some of these cliques are full of drama fools who have attended and gotten banned from other scenes and they don't want you to go where the "grass is greener" because they know once you experience that other side, you'll have figured them out and they won't ever see you again. They'll keep you around based on lies and they know you could get the other side of the story if you attend other parties and events.
  2. They love control. Most are borderline psychotic abusers themselves. Heck that might be an underlying reason why this particular "elder" was able to hang as long as he did. I've often said and it's been often proven that if you are protecting an abuser and you are a leader in these communities, you're hiding something in your own closet.

At Club Crave, you have my word, if you are experiencing any type of abuse at the hands of others, if you come to me I have the resources to help. I won't turn you away. Don't think for a minute the line of "you're causing drama" applies to you in these situations. Drama's already been caused by the douchebag giving you the problems...we're just answering it quickly and thrououghly.
Anybody who's been a victim and your "leaders" treated you like you were the problem and didn't want to address a solution, come hang out with us. You've had bad experiences at others events, don't let it effect the whole picture, there are some scenes out there who will handle the issues and will help you have great experiences.
Feel free to reach out anytime to me by simply emailing me. I don't allow creepers at parties and events and as soon as they are identified the sooner I can ban them and the safer everyone can be.

A couple other notes that I've been waiting for a situation to where I could lay the hammer down on some of these "leaders"
You got herpes better make sure you tell people. Sure diseases are curable but some people may not want to share that infection for the rest of their lives. No more telling people I'm a bad guy when you pick and choose who you disclose that too before you stick your tiny dick in em. You're not a "leader"'re a pathetic has been.

No more of this garbage of oh I can't sign up for Club Crave events because I hold status at the big beating club and we've been told not to be out attending other events during COVID. but then it's ok to sign up AND attend other events at seedy bookstores during COVID and your status at the big beating club won't change. Bullshit! Didn't think I recognized that did you? This ain't my first rodeo with that hypocritical bullshit!

And for those of you who were so concerned about COVID and yet you cried and whined to get an event cancelled at a bookstore theater, isn't that a little insane. I mean you're so worried about catching COVID but you can catch god knows what else, it's a chance you take. In fact ask the guy who I described has herpes..maybe he will tell you where he got it from.

No telling how many people who have been banned have flat straight lied to people about me to keep them around but anyone is welcome to check my police record. Except for a few speeding tickets and an arrest for throwing a party years ago, it's clean and never has had to be expunged.

Oh and while we're at it...there has been no dump truck driver who has EVER been in charge of Club Crave events and parties. So whatever he's been telling you he's in charge of or whatever he's claimed that I've said about's all like his pathetic life....a huge lie. I think some of you have bought in to need to come to me to straighten things out. The last event I heard him involved in needs a mediation with Maury Povich.

Now I know I pissed off a lot of "purists" in these cliques and as always I'm good with that. I don't tolerate bullshit!
Understand and know that I'm sincere when I tell you Club Crave's first priority is people's safety. One of the main reasons why we've continued to offer parties and events and we've had some good ones and not so well attended ones but the reason why we outlast most of these scenes is we offer a safe environment and the core of the group has always been on the theme of everyone is made to feel welcome and we are hella friendly and laid back and very real.

So to hell with all these other communities with their so called flash pan "leaders". We know what you truly desire.....come get what you Crave!