Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Red Flag On Toolbox7982. Listen To The Podcast

 I tolerated your arrogance ToolboxDom7982. I put up with a lot more than the average person would and has. I even gave you a second chance and you couldn't stop.

 I know you're thinking I didn't recognize you trying to find loopholes in the stipulations of your second chance but think about it. I put you in a new KIK room didn't allow you to hang out in the old ones. 

 I put a stop to you trying to rent two motel rooms at the one party cause you thought you were going to have free reign on throwing a party in your room with all of the Club Crave partygoers and then there's the big one. You know the porn night and game night parties? 

I gave you permission to throw those cause I knew you were still all about that ego. Remember when I banned you the first time remember your threats?

 You were going to start a party scene and become bigger than me in record time. You said you were the reason Club Crave parties were a hit. No dude you were the reason a growing number of women kept from coming to parties because the smart ones had you figured out before they stepped foot in meeting you. 

The bad thing was I didn't know how you treated them when they wouldn't acknowledge you as their lord and bdsm savior. But I let you throw the back to back parties. I knew you were going to brag that you did something that I never did (or so you think) in throwing two consecutive parties, two different themes.

 Sure I came up with the ideas of the themes and when I threw the same themed ones over the past two years they were successful. You throw them and you fell flat on your face. You didn't even recognize that I was the reason for that. 

 I didn't promote them hardcore because they were your parties. But you learned that parties aren't as simple as you thought they were. You're welcome.

 You took your second chance and you thought you manipulated it to fit the scenarios in which you could put yourself in a position to do what a list of others have tried to do and ultimately failed and the bad thing is you failed once before as that's why you came crawling back with your tail tucked between your legs after you went off on a psychotic rant on me for banning you for causing drama the first time. 

 So now you want to be famous, you want to be arrogant, you want to be all ego...well check this out. Introducing the toolbox rule. If you break the rules one time, you DO NOT get a second chance. 

 I didn't know about this podcast until about a week and a half ago. I still haven't listened to it but I did get the cliff notes from a couple of others who did and after I heard about it, this was the final dagger. The only reason why you hadn't gone psycho on anyone else since you got that second chance is because I put those stipulations on you and it was only a matter of time till you slipped back in to your old tool box ways of finding an unsuspecting submissive, running over and ignoring their significant other like you did in this instance and treating the woman like she's dirt beneath your shoe after it's all over said and done. 

 Now you can go and tell everyone Corruptor named a rule after you. Be sure to tell them the entire story as to why. NO ONE including you toolbox is bigger and better than the Club Crave party scene itself. You never impressed me no matter how many toys you brought, toolboxes you lugged round and you sure as hell aren't anywhere close to the definition of what we look for especially after I learned about this. So my advice to you since you have proven that you can't even throw a party right is go back to the BDSM club you frequent, they'll welcome you, pamper you, and protect you and you can continue to be your arrogant narcissistic self and for those that fall victim to his bullshit...when you realize you're a victim, come party with us at the only party scene who is now TOOLBOX free....Club Crave....Oh and while we're at it hit this link and listen to this.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Club Crave Kik Groups


 KIK groups are an extension of the Club Crave Party Scene.  By no means are they are not the definition of the Club Crave parties and events. They are opportunities for people to chat with others who come to the Club Crave parties and events.

The following is our list of current KIK chat groups.  You must verify with a live face pic to the admin when prompted. 
These are not hook up right away groups but groups which promote the Club Crave party and event scene.  To remain in these groups, you must attend a Club Crave party, or meet and greet at least within the next two months of entering the groups. 

 1.  #tnunicorn  This is our big 100 person limit room.  This room is for people who have been to parties and for people who are interested in coming to parties and want to talk to those who have been.  General conversation, sexual conversation, in room photo showing and new theme or topics daily.  

2.  #tennesseefetlife  This is a 50 person limit room.  This room has a main topic of BDSM, Fetish/Kink.  The room is put together so people who are not into this aspect of the lifestyles or are more newer to the lifestyles aren't overwhelmed.

3.  #nashvilleswingparty.  This is a 50 person limit room and is designed for those people who are new to everything.  People who need a smaller group to make connections and friendships in the lifestyle in order to attend parties and events.

4.  #murfreesboroswings.  This is a 50 person limit room and is designed for those people who are new to everything.

Second Chances On Kik Groups and Club Crave Party Scene

 I'm going to make a lot of important points in this post about KIK so don't miss anything about what I'm about to share.
The Club Crave KIK groups are a extension of the party scene.  They do not define the parties and events.  It is simply a way to talk to people who attend the parties and events.
People find our groups through various means
1.  KIK room search.  They'll type in Tenn... Murfreesboro, Nashville and other key words and KIK will have our rooms in the listing results  

2.  Craigslist or Doublelist...yeah we advertise on there not as much as we used to but still.

3.  Emails.  We send out emails to the party goers and our KIK groups are mentioned in there

4.  Fetlife.  Our Kik groups are listed on posts in the various Club Crave/Naughty List of Middle Tennessee Fetlife groups

5.  Club Crave Website.  We have a entire page of links devoted to finding our groups on other lifestyle sites including the KIK groups.

6.  Swinglifestyle and other lifestyle sites.  Again mostly through emails and messaging others through the various groups we admin.

We have a few rules in our KIK groups but a lot of times people in means 1 and 2 will ignore the posts.  It's pretty easy to see why.  Most people in groups 1 and 2 have no idea what Club Crave is.  Usually they are the ones that have their dicks in their hand looking for a quickie, nooner, seeing if anyone is up at an ungodly hour of 2:30 in the morning looking to rub one out etc.  So they jump in the room and they don't read or even really see the welcome message if there is one, they start private messaging all the women they can find as fast as they can because they know if someone is up they are fixing to get the ban if the room is active.  
What's funny is most of these rooms around here are dead and when they come in they'll see the pretty women, and private message them right away and it's a bot or some scam.  
Their odds of scoring anything are as good as winning the lottery but it's a challenge they accept.  
These people are never coming to a party or event and what's crazy is they would probably get their sexual fix taken care of if they did but who knows what goes on inside their head.
These people are conditioned to enter these rooms and start booty calling right away and when they get into a club crave room and find it's an active room, they kind of freak out.  Then it gets worse when they find out we throw parties and events.  What kind of kik group throws parties and events.  There aren't too many out there.  They really get taken back when they discover an active website and we have rules.
One of those rules happens to be don't private message without permission.  
Again, guys don't read the rules or they'll skip over them.  

The issue becomes they may have discovered we throw parties and events and it intrigues them but then while asking the questions so many of them ask they are multitasking and breaking the no private messaging people rule.  They get banned from the room which automatically makes them ineligible for parties.  
Here's where the issue gets even more complex.  Say I am a member of the Club Crave Fetlife group.  I sign up for a party and get an email of the details and also in the email it talks about the KIK group.  I don't have the KIK app, I don't join the KIK group so I don't have the opportunity or to break any of the rules.  
So as a result of the controversy of this subject. Depending on the circumstances of what you did to get removed from the KIK room, you may still be eligible for parties.  We may even give you a second chance in the KIK rooms with more restrictions imposed again all pending upon what you've done to cause the removal in the first place.

So understand just like I do, all walks and talks of life use KIK.  They come from everywhere.  Educating people about Club Crave and the parties and events may be just simply what some of these people need to slow their I'm thirsty roll and get themselves under control.  It won't apply to a whole big number of people but I am willing to look into each persons situation and maybe give them a second chance now after they understand what our scene is all about and why we're different than the huge majority of KIK chat rooms.

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