Monday, June 21, 2021

Red, White, Blue and Screw Party Saturday July 17 8P Murfreesboro

We now have some elbow room thanks to the discovery of this motel and the spacy rooms and suite which accompanies it.
Safe place to party and we're going to do just that Saturday July 17th in Murfreesboro with the Red, White, Blue and Screw Party.  
Ladies bring your patriotic color lingerie and show it off in front of all the other party goers for a chance to win a prize.
Guys it'll be your turn next to act like a Chippendale dancer in your patriotic boxers or thongs or whatever you can dream up to wear and see if you can get the ladies to start drooling.  
We got a lot more space to do a lot more things so we'll be bringing back some of the features of the bigger parties we've thrown in the past.

One room with two queen beds for sexual play, one huge suite in the middle for socializing and hanging out and the other room with two queen beds for BDSM scenes and more.

Because of the bigger space, it means more overhead and we'll go back to the door donation cost list like we've done at the bigger events.
Single males-$40.00
Single Females- Choice to bring: 2 liter of coke or bottled water, chips, bag of ice

Discounts on door donations for bringing other people and for renting a room in the same motel.  Discounts are also available to those who want to stay overnight in one of the party rooms or the suite itself.

We'll provide the drunk gummies, and other party snacks.  You BYOB. a cooler and ice to keep your drinks cold and while we have a big suite to hang out in you might want to bring a chair or two as seating is limited to two couches and some piece of furniture I was too drunk at the last party to identify.  

Email us at as we have a ton of details to send you.  We finally found a safe party space with more room so don't miss out on this party as it's your chance to show your patriotism by showing off some lingerie and showing off your freedom to have some sexual or bdsm fun if you wish.  Party starts at 8p.