Super Bang Saturday February 6th 2021 Murfreesboro 8P

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Alright huddle up team, it's time for the big game.  We got at least four tight ends in this formation and I'm gonna hand if off to the fullback and he's going to plow behind them to the endzone and score.  Don't worry about any unnecessary roughness as some of the players want it hard and rough.  Snap on the count of three.

Super Bowl Sunday is February 7th and what comes before Super Bowl Sunday in Murfreesboro?  You got it Super Bang 2021 8p Murfreesboro.
Four beds two adjoining motel rooms.  
This will give us eight spaces for participating women.
The participating women and their significant others need to arrive by 7:30 because of the format involved.
When you arrive, we will ask your limits (age limit, condom/no condom, anal/no anal etc).  You will then pick a side of a bed in which you want to play on.  I will make a poster and hang it above the headboard on the side of the bed in which you are playing indicating the limits.  
Guys you are to read the posters and act accordingly.  Any deviation or attempt to deviate from the participating ladies poster will get you automatically thrown out.  
This is a club Bangaroo party meaning there's no cap on the number of single males which can come however, when you sign up understand that doing so is just an indication of your interest.  After I send the initial email, I will delete your sign up.  Only people I allow to stay in the sign up list are single ladies and couples and a few core single males who have attended several parties before.
Do NOT judge the crowd based on the sign up list.  Everyone has to go through a verification system in order to weed out the real people from the fake profiles on here.
Couples and single ladies are more than welcome to come and spectate if they wish.
The rules are set up to where everyone can feel comfortable doing their thing.  No one is forced to do anything they don't want to do.  You go at your own speed.
Single guys you better be able to perform as I know we'll have some participating women that want the intense wild sex this event offers.  

Ladies if you are planning on participating, please let me know at the time I email you after you sign up.
Did you read the two links?  Well then email us at and I'll get the verification process going.  It's pretty painless and not time consuming at all.  

Door donations are as follows.  Single Men $20.00, Couples $10.00, Single Females are free.  This helps us with overhead costs.  (We ain't rich!)

It's the annual Bang Before The Bowl Saturday night 8p Murfreesboro.  Email us at