The KIK Group Lineup June 28 2020

We have a few KIK rooms designed for open minded people to come and chat with others who are in the various lifestyles and have shown interest in coming to a party.  Please read the following information carefully as we have rules in these rooms.

KIK Room- #tennesseeswinggerz
This is a screening room for our main room Club Crave's Naughty List. 
To enter the main room you must read the rules that are automatically posted, send admin ladyluck122323128 a live video stating today's date and time.  (this is done to keep underagers out)
Important to note:  Please be patient upon entering the screening room.  Admins have full time jobs so they will get with you as soon as they can to view the video etc. 
If you come in the room at midnight, odds are that you won't be verified until the next day.  why people think they can come in at a ungodly hour of the early morning and expect to be verified right away is beyond me.
Hang around we will get you in the room as quick as possible.

KIK Room-#murfreesboroswing
This is another growing room for people in the Murfreesboro/Nashville area.  We are catering more with the emphasis of couples and single ladies.    There are some single men in the room but we have rules in which they are held to.  Any single male constantly private messaging to hook up will be removed immediately upon recognition.  There is no screening room however upon arrival everyone must verify in order to keep underage people out.
No pay for play.  If you aren't single, your significant other must know you are in the room.

KIK Room-#nashvilleswingparty
So this group will be catering toward the women who love the multiple men scene.  The gangbangs, the threesomes etc.  There are several single men in this room but again there are rules in which they are held to.  This is not necessarily a hook up room but more of a room to schedule gangbangs and multiple men on women situations.  Be advised this is the room that I will use starting July 1st to set up gangbangs and multiple men situations for my two submissives. 
When one of these events is planned, all single men who commit to coming will be responsible for doing so.  Failure to act once committed will result in automatic ban from future gangbangs, Club Crave parties and events.
No pay for play.  If you aren't single, your significant other must know you are in the room.
Everyone must verify in order to keep underage people out.

KIK Room-#nashvillesinglesmandf

This group is for single males and females.  I am the only one who is in a committed relationship in this group however my significant others know I'm the admin in the room.  The other admin is a regular party goer and helps with parties.  You will be verifying with either one of us. 
This is more of a liberal room in that you don't have to commit to parties or events but as of right now there is a majority of single guys in the room.  We'd like to have more single women join the room.  All are welcome to join in the parties and events but not required.

So those are the rooms.  If you get banned from one room, consider yourself banned from all.