Kik Group Updated August 30th 2021

KIK groups are an extension of the Club Crave Party Scene.  By no means are they are the definition of the Club Crave parties and events. They are opportunities for people to chat with others who come to the Club Crave parties and events.

 August 30th Update On KIK groups.

Sunday update on KIK groups and Facebook.

1.  #tnunicorn. 93 members (100 max).  We have combined all chat rooms into one.   7 more spots available

2.  #tennesseefetlife (Temporarily closed group).  The topic is BDSM/Fetish.  It


3.  #nashvilleswingparty (Temporarily closed group).

4.  #murfreesboroswings (Temporarily closed group).

Facebook group.
If you ain't showing off what you're fixing to consume for dinner or sharing pictures of the gender reveal party of your 20th kid, Facebook says they're offended.  And now it doesn't have to be something you posted within the last three months offended it could be something you posted nine years ago that will earn you the "you've have violated Facebook community standards message"
As a result we have stopped promoting our Facebook groups and maybe if Zuck returns the decision making to real Americans instead of people in Middle Eastern Foreign countries (Fact check that if you want), we'll revive the groups again.  But until then no Facebook groups.  But we will start bringing some of the elements of the Facebook groups to the KIK groups
We have theme days in which we encourage people to post pictures you know like Titty Tuesday, Man Meat Monday, Wet Pussy and Weiner Wednesday, Twats on Thursday and Fetish or Fuck It Friday etc etc.  It is also home of the 3 new pic Cravin' Naughty Pics and Inappropriate Memes.
Starting Monday August 9th.  We're bringing back the popular question of the day.
The question can be either sexual or non sexual.
A lot of people love to play Cards Against Humanity....obviously in a online setting we have to change the rules a little bit and so we offer Twisted in the rooms.  Another daily feature of the KIK groups.

Fetlife Group:  Naughty List of Middle Tennessee

Swinglifestyle Group:  Naughty List of Middle Tennessee