Monday, August 28, 2023

Club Crave's All Night Breeding Party Saturday September 30th 8P Murfreesboro




Saturday night September 30th starting at 8:00, Club Crave is putting on a party with a theme many people have fantasized about participating in but no one has been bold enough to throw it. Breed Fest 2023 Murfreesboro, TN all night breeding party. There are women who would love to come to a party with the intent of getting pregnant and this is your opportunity to do so.

  1. Let me be clear. This is open to all races both men and women. The women participating will choose the races they are open to. We will post those races on a poster and hang them on the wall on the bed in which they are playing on.
  2. You do not have to participate in order to come to this. We have a huge suite in which to hang out and socialize in. The two bedrooms which are part of this will be where the "breeding" takes place. People are more than welcome to watch.
  3. We will have two more additional rooms for private play. This will make more room for all of us. Almost like a house but without a kitchen and laundry room. These two rooms are set up for people who still want to play but not participate in the "breeding"

What you need to bring is a camping chair (seating is limited to two couches and a couple of chairs), liquid encouragement, cooler and ice to keep your drinks cold.
We'll provide the cups, plates, silverware, chips, dips, other party snack food, 2 liters and water.

We'll have the lights in the bedrooms off with black light bulb lamps.
The socializing area will have music playing.

Door donations: Single Males-$40, Couples-$30. Single Females-Free (bring a bag of chips or a 2 liter to donate to the food table.

If you want in on this party in Murfreesboro, email and we'll get you on the road to the RSVP process.

See you at the Breeding Party Saturday September 30th. Party starts at 8:00. No latecomers after 9:30 will be allowed.

*While this is considered mainly a sex party, BDSM, kink, and fetish play are allowed and encouraged (So is just hanging out and socializing with other party goers)