Tuesday, January 11, 2022

SuperBang Valentine's Party Saturday February 12th 8:00P Murfreesboro



 Alright team huddle up.  It's the game winning drive, some of you go to the left side, some of you go to the right.  We're gonna line up in single file and the tight end is gonna lead the way We'll need you to help split the middle so we can plow right through the defender's legs.  
On 69,,,Let's score!
Saturday February 12th, it's the annual bang before the Bowl...Super Bang....8:00 p.m.
We have now secured a three room motel suite with more than plenty of room for a big party.  The middle room of the suite will serve as the socializing room.  We'll have party snacks such as chips, dip, soft drinks and water.  We'll also have party music.
Plenty of area to sit and mingle.  Bring your own bottle, ice and cooler to keep your drinks cold.
In one bedroom, there are two queen size beds in which the hotwives and the single women into multiple men will be participating in Super Bang.  
In the other bedroom, will be mainly for couples/couples play.

Door donations are as follows
Single men: $40.00.  Prepay up until noon on February 12th-$30.00
Couples: $30.00.  Prepay up until noon on February 12th-$20.00
Single Women-Free
If you are prepaying you must email Jess at houseofcarnal@gmail.com to get her Venmo or Cash App information.  

Even though this is billed as a gangbang and will attract hotwives, and women who are into multiple men, this party is for everyone as we now have enough space to host a good sized crowd.  Superbang will be regulated to one of the two bedrooms.  Those not interested in the gangbang activity may hang out in the socializing room or join other couples in the king size bed couples room.  
No one is forced to do anything they feel uncomfortable doing.  We respect the fact no means no and enforce non-pushiness at the parties and events.  You may come and watch if that's what you want to do.  Go at your own speed.

For more details, sign up on the event list.  Note we are advertising this party in several places, we also have a KIK room full of people and several will email as they check the ClubCravex website.  We are planning on having a great turnout to this event.
You can also email us at naughtywildcpltn@gmail.com for more information.

It's the bowl before the  Bang...SuperBang Valentine's Party Saturday February 12th.  Come score a touchdown and party with us.