Monday, November 22, 2021

Let's Put The "X" in Sex Christmas Party Saturday December 11th 8P Murfreesboro

Dear Corruptor,

Can you believe 2021 has went by so quickly.  2020 was such a drag, I thought 2021 would be just as long.  
Things are going pretty good here at the North Pole.  We finally got all the reindeer double vaccinated.  Mrs. Claus is gonna be a grandmother.
It's not what you think though....the whole crew including the reindeer was watching one your parties on ELF TV...(EVERYONE LOVES FUCKING) and as usual the action was so hot that the elves, reindeer and me and mrs all started stripping.  Before you know it, Donner snuck off and started banging Vixen with no condom and didn't pull out.  The dumb bastard said he thought the vaccination made him sterile.  Said he heard it on the news.  
So we watched all your parties and adventures and no you didn't make the nice list.  Hot action, great turnouts and a lot of fun.  Mrs. Claus says she's gonna make it to a party one believe her right?
Hear you got a new spot with some space to throw your Xmas party?
Well you got my blessing, we'll be watching as always and don't forget to leave out some porn for me on Christmas Eve.  Oh and help us come up with a name for our new reindeer addition.  Something porn related would be good.
Your bud,
Saturday night December 11th, Club Crave presents "Let's Put The "XXX" in Xmas party.  Party starts at 8:00p

We have locked down a two room spacious suite and another good size room.  The middle room will be used primarily for socializing in.  We'll provide the party snacks, chips, dips, 2-liters, bottles of water etc.
We'll also provide pizza rolls, and chicken nuggets but we ain't cooks so you'll have to fix them up yourself.  
Just in case, we'll bring Cards Against Humanity for those who want to play.
One room adjoining the suite will be for playing in.  The other room next door will also be for playing and will be open for BDSM play as well.

We will coordinate a "Naughty Santa" game so bring an inexpensive gift if you want to participate.  Items brought in the past include adult toys, porn DVD's and of course liquor.

BYOB and your own ice.  Bring a cooler to keep your drinks in.  

There will be a 50/50 drawing.  It's $1.00 a ticket, $3.00 for a penis/chest  length, $5.00 for an arm length, $10.00 for a body length.

We will be making a huge bowl of drunk gummies for this party.

2021 has been a rough year for some of our regular party goers health wise. As a result, we will have a donation box for those who wish to give a monetary donation for three designated people who have struggled over the past few months trying to deal with life threatening cancer and keeping their bills paid.  You are under no obligation to give but the option is there if you would like. We will split the money three ways and give each an equal amount.  All money donated will go to this.

Door donations to cover the expenses are as follows
Single men $50.00 at the door
Couples $40.00 at the door
Single Ladies-Free but bring a 2 liter of soda.
Prepayment is accepted and if you pay in advance, you'll receive a $10.00 discount.

This is a motel room block party meaning you can reserve rooms close near the two party rooms.  If you are planning on doing so, please do it quickly and let me know and I'll get you the contact name.

It's the Xmas party which keeps us at the top of the naughty list.  Let's put the "X" in Xmas.  We got lots more space than before so come out and party with us.  Saturday December 10th.

To get on the list, email us at