Thursday, July 22, 2021

Club Crave University Party Saturday August 21st 8p Murfreesboro

 So everyone else is putting together Back to School parties, Club Crave says we're not in high school anymore, besides college is so much more fun so Saturday night come graduate Club Crave University.
Professor J and A will guide you through BDSM class and if you're naughty oh they can administer spankings, floggings, waxing and other fun debauchery.
Better study up as there'll be some hot wild teachers ready to open your books and give you your final exam in the sexual themed classroom.
Club Crave University takes place in Murfreesboro  Saturday night August 21st beginning at 8:00.
Email us at and we'll get you started with the details.
So come earn your diploma at Club Crave University August 21st.