Monday, August 10, 2020

Club Crave Liquid Encouragement Party Saturday August 29th Starts At 7:00 in Nashville


Did you know that Red Wine day falls on Friday August 28th this year?  So couples and single ladies  grab your bottle of your favorite wine (or whatever liquid encouragement you want) as we throw a Club Crave Liquid Encouragement Motel Suite party Saturday August 29th in Nashville starting at 7:00 p.m.  We'll bring a few bottles of Red Wine to share with the partygoers and of course the much stronger drunk gummy bears as well. 
How's how this party works:
1.  This party will be hosted in a very nice two room spacious motel suite in Nashville.  The suite will have two beds for playing in and a big room for socializing in.
2.  This is a Club Crave party meaning it's for couples and single ladies.  We are allowing five eligible single males to attend on the RSVP, first come first serve basis.  To be eligible, you must have attended a party or meet and greet.  No new single males.
3.  If you are a couple and would like to sponsor a single male, that is fine.  The person you sponsor can be new.  You must arrive with the single male as we won't allow the male in unless the sponsor is there as well.
4.  If you are a single female you may accompany a single male as a date.  The single guy can be new to the Club Crave party scene.  There will be NO new single males admitted without a couple or a single female sponsor or date.
5.  Party is BYOB, Bring your own ice and cooler to keep your liquid encouragement cold if you so desire.  We will provide Cokes, Sprites, Dr. Pepper and Water.  If you require any other beverage, bring it.
6.  We will provide some party foods (pizza rolls and chicken nuggets-you'll have to microwave them yourself) such as chips, dips, cookies etc. 

This party EVERYONE will go through the vetting system to RSVP.  This means you MUST email us at  We will never ask any information from you that we will not give of ourselves.  For example, you do not have to provide a copy of your drivers license to be eligible to come to this party but you will have to email us to do the RSVP process.  We will be aware of everyone that is intending to come to this party.

Door donations are as follows:  Single males-$30, Couples-$20, Single Females-Free. 
We will have a couple of door prizes to give away plus working on some other giveaway items as well.  So grab your red wine, your beer, your vodka, whatever works for you and let's celebrate Liquid Encouragement Saturday night August 29th in Nashville.