Thursday, July 30, 2020

Two different party scenes introduced....

Starting in August we are going to roll out two different themed party scenes.  We've kinda done this before in the past and it seemed to work out well so we are going to bring it back.
We are still going to do the monthly alternative lifestyle meet and greets.  This gives people a chance to come out and meet myself and a few members of the team that helps put the events on and get a feel for who we are.  People are more than welcome to ask questions and get information about the parties.  We are going to bring a copy of our rules and regulations which are enforced at every party.  Everyone will be given a copy of the rules and single males will have to sign off on the rules.

We attempted in July to have new single males attend a meet and greet before attending a party.  That didn't work.  So here's what we are doing effective August 1st.

There will be two party scenes going forward.
One being open to single men and the women and couples that are comfortable being around or involved with multiple single guys. 
Perfect for the hotwife/cuckold, gangbang, or just single women who love to play with other guys.  When you see a party with the hashtag (#) Club Bangaroo....that's the type of party it will be.  We will hold a motel block party (for now) once a month for Club Bangaroo starting in August.

The second party scene will be open to single ladies, and couples.  We will allow five single men (who have already come to a party or meet and greet) to start off with.  As this crowd grows, we will allow up to no more than ten single guys in this scene.  As our space is limited right now we will have these parties in a motel suite which provides more room than just a couple of motel rooms.  We will start out with one and rent one more as warranted by RSVP's.  When you see a party with the hashtag (#) Club Crave those are the type of parties they will be.  I'm getting several complaints and I've noticed it myself of course there are way too many single guys which make couples uncomfortable.   People don't come out to our events because they see the signup lists full of single males and even though most don't ever show, there's no way to identify that right before a party.

Signup lists are a huge issue.  People look at the event list on a website and see how many people have signed up to come to a party or event.  As big or as small a list might be heavily influences their decision to attend.   People don't get the concept that we have groups on several lifestyle friendly websites and we have regulars which don't sign up so it's in no way even close to showing fair numbers.  Here's what we are doing about that.
Event listings are just notifications that an event is taking place.  It just helps spread the word.  Effective August 1st, if you are interested in coming to an event, you are to email us directly at   You can feel free to sign up on the event listing itself of the websites to indicate your interest but as soon as I see it, I will delete it. 
No sense in this well it looks like 50 single males are coming so we're going to stay home or only three couples signed up so we're out as well.  48 of those single males will no show and the three couples will all stay home because they think they'll be the only ones there. 
We are changing the rules to better accomodate everyone's taste so please play along.  I promise you'll like the direction we are heading in....cause.....
We realize that motel room parties and motel block parties aren't the best parties to throw but some of you know our history once we find a place with space enough to accomodate a big crowd in one space people get jealous cause our parties are that damn good and they cause trouble for us plus with all the COVID-19 stuff going on, it's been hard to search for new venues with space.
What we are hoping is this....our goal is to find a three to four bedroom house in the Murfreesboro area which has some room to throw parties and events on the weekends.
We would like to do this by October so we can throw one hell of a Halloween party.
This will be a alternative lifestyles community house (kind of like a frat house if you can imagine).  What I am looking for right now is people (three to four) open minded lifestyle roommate types who will live in the house with us.  Household expenses (rent, utilities, etc) would be split down the middle between the people living there.  The parties will be thrown on Saturdays.  We are looking at a couple of other options in vetting people at that point but will decide more on that as we get closer.
If you are interested in living at this house.  Household expenses shouldn't be anymore than $600 a month for everything if done right.  I have a more detailed game plan and will share it with interested roommates to explain further so email us at