Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Club Crave's Party Scene Game Plan For After Social Distancing

Greetings!  Thank you for visiting the Club Crave site.  I try to add different things to keep it entertaining and active while at the same time promoting our events and parties,
COVID-19 has put us on a little hiatus and I know a lot of people are starving for parties and fun and we are going to be busy putting those parties and events together.
If we were on our regular schedule, we would be throwing a meet and greet first part of the month and two weeks later a motel block party but as you can tell regular schedule has been thrown out the door.  So here's the game plan as soon as this social distancing idea is lifted.
Since we are based out of the Murfreesboro area, the first Saturday after the social distancing is lifted, we will throw a full fledged motel block party. 
Back before Coronavirus, my girlfriend/submissive and another submissive took a trip to Horse Cave Kentucky to the infamous DC Video.  They had such a great time they want to go back so if the bookstore is open, we will be back there for a group event.  While we realize the bookstore scene isn't for everyone, those that are interested are more than welcome to come out and play.   Next time if everything rolls right, I'll be bringing three ladies with me.
Then the third weekend if the bookstore is open, the area is wide open for a party scene so we will do a day trip to the adult bookstore and then a full fledged motel block party at a local motel right down the road from the bookstore which will start at 7:00.
We also know that we need more space to throw parties and events in.  The plan is in July we will be looking for a three-five bedroom house which can accomodate a good size crowd. 
The idea is to rent or purchase the house and live in it, open it up on weekends for parties etc.
At that point we will be looking for people that want to live in the house.  Preferably we would like to keep the theme of the house as a house for submissives.  So if you would be interested in learning more about this game plan, feel free to email us at naughtywildcpltn@gmail.com for more information.
Stay safe and well and we'll be back to partying before you know it.