Single Male Policies For Parties June 28 2020 Not Enforced For July 18th Party

We try to be a scene that is friendly to single males.  Whenever I put out a party announcement, I hear from all kinds of single men.  I end up wasting a lot of time making sure single men get their details an come party day they no show.  There are some parties where they come out in unexpected numbers almost putting a party on the meat market map. 
This stops now and as a result we are making new rules when it comes to single men at a party.
Any new single male who has not attended a party must follow these steps in order to have an opportunity to be able to attend.
1.  New single men that have never attended a party before must attend a meet and greet event first. 
2.  The only exception to a new single guy attending a party will be if they are accompanied by a couple or single female attending the party. 
3.  At the meet and greet we will have single men sign in and provide your name and email address.
4.  We will also give you a copy of the rules and you will have to sign off on them stating that you have read and understood the rules.  You will get a copy to take with you even for future reference.
5.  Outside of the single guys that are "accompanied" we will only allow so many single guys in based on the space the place we are using.  Motel block parties there will only be 10 unaccompanied unspoken for single men allowed.
6.  Single men MUST RSVP their spot for a party.  If you RSVP, we expect you to communicate with us, if you have to cancel.  Cancellations are allowed up to two hours (5:00p) before a party to stay in good standing.  Any no shows/no calls will result in immediate ban as this is inconsiderate of another single male on the party list getting an opportunity to come.
It doesn't take five seconds to shoot a text to let us know that you aren't going to be able to make it.

We have several women that love the multiple guy scenario but we also want to be respectful of all couples and single ladies and do our best not to overwhelm anyone so this is the best way to carry that out.

BIG RULE FOR SINGLE MALES.  No cell phones allowed inside the rooms at the parties.  You may bring your cell phone, but put it up.  The only time it comes out is if you need to make a call and you can do it outside the doors of the party itself.