Effective Immediately 2021....


Effective February 6th all Club Crave parties will start at 8p. Couples and single females may arrive at 7:30 to get settled in. Single males may arrive no earlier than 8:00. That means no hanging out in the hallway.

Doors close at 8:30 unless you have a valid family or work obligation and will be late in accordance to those obligations. If this is the case you MUST let me know as soon as possible so I can make notes.

We have rules listed on our website at www.clubcravex.com. Read every one of them. If you've read them already, read them again. It will answer all the questions and then some.
Beginning February 6th, automatic bans for life for people who ask the following:
1. How many people are you expecting?
2. How many people are presently there?
3. Will you send us pictures or give us details of what's happening right now at the party?
There's probably more questions that will earn a ban but those are three for starters.
Considering the circumstances being the adjoining motel rooms are decent size but still we need more room (but we work with what we are given being that it's inexpensive) and people's concerns with COVID-19, we get a much smaller turnout than we have had at previous parties but we still have some wall to wall fun times.

No more texting, texting, texting and not showing up. That gets way old! From here on out, anyone who pulls that shit will be banned from parties or events. You get a limit of three questions you can ask with one being the room number or address....choose the other two questions wisely!

Next thing is geared more to the men than the women. I understand some are in “open” relationships, or poly etc. Unless we've discussed your situation and you have a significant other listed in your profile and I've given you the green light to come without that significant other than you need to come as a couple. People at our parties are respectful towards others. No one is made to do anything they feel is uncomfortable. All open minded non drama causing people no matter their kink, fetish or lifestyle is welcome. I'm getting emails from various places that we place parties in from too many guys wanting to get their dick worked over while leaving their significant other at home hiding behind the idea they are in an open relationship or claiming the poly ticket. Not cool, not acceptable. We do have some people who are honestly in these situations and it's understandable and I will allow them to attend but then there's a whole new bunch of others who aren't really in these situations but they'll claim it so they can have fun while leaving the significant other behind.

Going to start holding people accountable though because it really stood out this past Saturday, and it's been an issue. Party starts at 8p and new couples show up 10-15 minutes within the time frame and they walk in and guess what?....there's 7 single guys and one couple (me and Jess). I got a bunch of people texting me stating they are on their way but God only knows how long it's gonna take them to get here.
It's very awkward, the new people bail within the first five minutes and they won't come back (don't blame them). It makes us look bad as it influences their experience and more than likely they'll share the experience with others in the lifestyle. Sure those of us who regularly attend the parties how the parties really are but it's not cool to continue to make a wrong first impression.

I am slowly but surely working on finding 3000 square feet place spaces so we can get out of the more tight motel room parties and I'm waiting for renovations to be completed on one. In addition I've gotten some offers for people to jump in and help us find a building in this area so there's a few options I am still looking at.
I am going to be building a database to where if you go through the verification process once, you won't have to do it again. Watch your email for an explanation of how that works. It's simple and painless and pretty much requires no new information on your part.

Starting February 6th, once you arrive at the party you will be required to sign in. Signing in just means the first part of your email address. No other information will be asked.

It's the Bang Before The Bowl February 6th 8p Murfreesboro. We will see you there.