Crave Men 4 Men Parties Rules and Information Nashville February 5th 2022

Welcome to the CraveMen party scene page
CraveMen is a separate party scene from the Club Crave Parties and Events.
This is primarily a male4male party scene.  We welcome those who identify as gender fluid, trans, and crossdressers as well.

First the rules:
1. Be there at 8:00 p.m.  No more late arrivals.  Tired of having two bottoms arrive on time and can't blame them if they lose patience and leave within five minutes cause they are the only two there.  Ten minutes later a couple of tops roll in and start bitching cause there's no bottoms and it just repeats itself.  Get to the party ON TIME.  No more excuses.  If you can't make it by 8 then don't text, don't RSVP, stay home.

2.  Respect others limits and safety concerns.

3  Condom usage is up to you and the person you play with

4.  I will know who all comes to the parties meaning you will RSVP with your email and on day of party you will text me.  I give you my email address ( and my phone number (629-207-9764.)  I expect you to keep that confidential.  I will do the same.
I also expect you not to share the party information with anyone else.  You may give them the email address but they will have to go through the same RSVP procedures that you do.  

5.  I don't ask you for any pictures, so don't ask me to share pictures of people who are coming to parties and events or any other information for that matter.  Do not text me asking me how many people are at the party.  I will not answer that.  I expect everyone to be there between 7:00-7:30 because we all hate standing around looking awkward waiting for guys to get there.

6.  I have a girlfriend.  She joins me to help.  We know we have bi-guys who come to parties so therefore she is available to play with them.  Be nice to her. It's not a dealbreaker if you don't want to play with her because she's a woman trust me her feelings won't be hurt.  The parties are legit.  This website is absolutely free and will never cost anything.  It is locally produced and adminstrated out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  You will never be asked to join any paid site and show proof of membership to be eligible to come to parties and events.

7.  .  No one is required to do anything with anyone they would feel is uncomfortable.  In other words don't be pushy and aggressive towards others.

Door donations are just $10 per person  for those who arrive within the first hour of the party start time.  The second hour on increases to $20 so get here when we start.    

We are in no way looking to get rich as we aren't rich ourselves, we just want to cover the costs of the motel room along with any snacks or 2 liters we provide for the party goers.

Next party is February 5th in Nashville at 8p.  Email for details and to get the RSVP process started.  Watch for party promo soon.