Club Crave/Naughty List Meet And Greet Procedures

1.  When you sign up for a meet and greet.  We will send you an email with some highlights and details. 
2.  Reply to the email and we will consider you as an RSVP. 
3.  RSVPs must be done by Friday the day before the event by 12 noon.  I have to know an accurate head count to make sure we have room for everybody and that way I can warn the place that is hosting.
4.  I will take RSVPs after the Friday noon deadline however they will be tentative RSVPs meaning a guaranteed RSVP will have to cancel in order for a tentative RSVP to be invited. 
Tentative RSVP's are put on a list and will invited in order in which they gave the RSVP.
5.  Some meet and greets will be accompanied by an afterparty.  The afterparty will be for people that actually come to the meet and greet itself.  No one will be allowed to go to the afterparty if they don't come to the meet and greet.  I know what some of you are thinking, I'll just show up last ten minutes of the meet and greet and then get to go to the afterparty.
Not going to happen.  You have to be in attendance at the meet and greet a majority of the time of the event.
6.  This is important.  If you are a guaranteed RSVP, you must touch base with us to cancel your RSVP.  That way someone on the tentative list can take your spot. 
We understand things come up last minute, work obligations, family obligations, you get food poisoning, your brother has a habit of landing in the hospital every couple of weeks when an event is going down and you forgot you gave that excuse before but it doesn't take a second to shoot us a quick text to let us know.  Failure to do so will result in a suspension of future meet and greet and parties attendance for two months. 

Next upcoming meet and greet is Saturday January 18th.