General Information About Parties And Events Updated With New Game Plan June 30 2019

Places in the Nashville/Murfreesboro area with any kind of room to throw big parties and events aren't cheap.  We got to looking and we've discovered a few but they are kind of pricey.  But we think we found a couple breathtaking places that would more than make up for the last place (whos name we won't mention) both in size and jawdropping background scenery.  Best thing there won't be any cows, pigs or chickens in the background if and when you decide to engage in sexual activity.

We have come up with a game plan that we are going to institute going forward.
1.  Every party will have a RSVP procedure in place.  This means we will advertise the party, the theme, tell the general location.  You must email us to find out the specifics.  We will then send the specifics.  At that point if you are still interested in coming you must RSVP by texting us.  When we receive your text, you will get an email back with the address.
Your phone number and email address is kept confidential as always and never given to anyone else.  In order to be allowed in the doors of the party, we must have your phone number and email address.  No one will be allowed without those two pieces of information.
Again this is for your safety and security and this procedure keeps our parties private.
2.  We will have one big party a month and two weeks later a meet and greet.  It is not mandatory that you come to both to come to a party however with the system we are setting up it is to your advantage to attend both.  Our meet and greets will be changing their format a little to add an afterparty for those interested.  Again, you aren't required to attend but it is offered as an incentive to join Club Crave.
3.  Wait did I just read "join Club Crave?"  Yes you did.  Starting with our first party in August/September we are encouraging everyone to purchase a one year membership.  The membership is in line with every club membership out there and in addition to helping us pay our new expenses will give you discounts on door donations at every party and options to arrive much earlier to the big parties.  For example on party days, annual members may arrive as early as 12 noon to a party (arrival time adjusts due to venue availability and location), while the doors open for the non members at 5.  There will be other perks for yearly members that we will highlight as we go along.

So expanding to two events a month with the first one of the month being the big party and then two weeks later a lifestyle wide meet and greet with an afterparty offered (We will share how all that works with our next event details for July 20th)