Monday, November 22, 2021

Swingin'&Bangin In The New Year Friday December 31st Murfreesboro 8P

 Have you thought about making your New Year's Resolutions?
Me either.  
New Year's Eve falls on a Friday night this year so December 31st we're going to gather in Murfreesboro and say goodbye to 2021 and properly give 2022 a horny welcome as Club Crave presents "Swingin' & Bangin In The New Year"  Doors open at 7:30 for couples and single females and 8:00 for single males.  
The party is for everyone, however there will be rooms designated for certain things....follow along.

One of the concerns which I get from people all the time is the amount of single males who come to the parties far outnumber the couples and single females.  While that may be true and we do have a solution that I will address in a podcast coming up real soon which will go in effect in 2022, because this party is a general New Year's Eve party, we will have to handle it this way.....

The newer location which we are partying at, we've rented a roomy suite.  The common area will be for socializing in.  One of the rooms will be designated as for couples/single females only.  The other room will be for single males and couples/single females who are into single men.
Because we have the room to do so, it's time to grow the party scene accordingly.  

Again, one room will be for swinging (couples and single ladies only)
The other room will be for bangin' (single males, couples and single ladies)
The middle room will be for all socializing.

The suite room will be used primarily for socializing in.  We'll provide the party snacks, chips, dips, 2-liters, bottles of water etc.
We'll also provide pizza rolls, and chicken nuggets but we ain't cooks so you'll have to fix them up yourself.  
Just in case, we'll bring Cards Against Humanity for those who want to play.

BYOB and your own ice.  Bring a cooler to keep your drinks in.  

There will be a 50/50 drawing.  It's $1.00 a ticket, $3.00 for a penis/chest  length, $5.00 for an arm length, $10.00 for a body length.

We will be making a huge bowl of drunk gummies for this party.

Door donations to cover the expenses are as follows
Single men $50.00 at the door
Couples $40.00 at the door
Single Ladies-Free but bring a 2 liter of soda.
Prepayment is accepted and if you pay in advance, you'll receive a $10.00 discount.

This is a motel room block party meaning you can reserve rooms close near the two party rooms,  Keep in mind, this is New Year's Eve and there's a New Year's Eve rocker happening a few doors down so you'll want to reserve a room early to make sure you can get one.

We know what you want....come get what you Crave....Usher in the new year with one of the wildest party scenes around.  Club Crave.
Email us at for the details.