Sunday, October 18, 2020

End of Summer Feast and Fuck Festival Saturday November 14th Murfreesboro. Feast starts at 2P Fuck Festival starts at 7

 End of Summer Feast and Fuck Festival Saturday November 14th.  Food starts at 2.  Afterparty starts at 7.
How many of you are ready for 2020 to be over and done?  We're just a few weeks away from heading into 2021 and while summer is officially over and we're part way in the middle of fall, the gang of Club Crave wanted to lift two middle fingers to 2020 and celebrate the end of summer by throwing a "End of Summer Feast and Fuck Festival" Saturday November 14th.
Here's how it works.
Since November marks Thanksgiving, we thought we'd have a feast of our own, so we're getting a spot and we're going to grill out hamburgers and hotdogs in a meet and greet style setting.  We've got some good cooks that want to show off their skills but it will be a potluck type of event meaning guys you'll be responsible for the hamburgers, hot dogs (and we got one guy cooking up some kind of taco meat) etc.  Ladies, you got the chips, dips, side dishes, desserts, cokes, etc.  This makes up the "feast" portion of the Feast and Fuck Festival.  We'll start the grills up at 2:00 to give plenty of time to eat.  The "feast" is free except for what it cost you to bring the hot dogs, hamburgers etc.
Then at 6:00-7:00 (cause it will get dark early) we'll head over to the party place and throw the "fuck" portion of the party.  You can hang out, you can fuck, you can hang out and fuck, whatever you desire.  We'll get two adjoining motel rooms for the party.
To start the RSVP process simply email with the words "Feast and Fuck" in the subject line (so I can keep the various parties we're throwing straight and not mix them up) and we'll eat and party like Kings Saturday November 14th in Murfreesboro.