Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Our Stance On COVID-19

So we've been reaching out to Fetlife members in the group inviting them to our events.  One former member cited concerns about COVID-19 and making sure we are doing our part to comply with social distancing guidelines etc. 
Back in March when this first started, there was a event scheduled at an adult bookstore theater which ended up being cancelled.  Several comments were posted to the point of thanking the organizer for cancelling because of the concerns of COVID-19.  A couple of the people I recognized and I started scratching my head because they attend other things where there's not a guarantee that people with sexually transmitted disease won't be at.
As far as COVID-19 is concerned and feel free to take a look back at the state statistics if you need to to make sure what I am claiming is accurate but the reason in the upswing in cases is also there is an upswing in tests given as well.  Three weeks ago, the average weekday there were 700 tests given compared to the average today of around 1200 tests.  Tests jump much higher on the weekend compared to the weekdays as well so the average of people contracting COVID-19 is still the same as it was back when the Governor started Phase II but no  one will mention the fact that testing has increased which means number of positive cases will increase too.
The state of Tennessee will try to convince you that false positive tests don't exist.  Back in May a nursing home had 14 positive asymptomatic cases of COVID-19.  Of those 14, 11 were staff members with only 3 residents.  Now while that may put flags up as somethings up, two weeks later the legal team of the parent office directed the state to retest the tests as none of the personnel contained any symptoms even after their quarantines ended.  The retests were done and guess what they all came back false positives.  When asking the state about this their response was basically we don't keep up with false positive tests as they rarely happen.  I don't know about you but 14 in ONE situation is not what I consider a rare occurence.
While there's so much misinformation out there, I will make the following rule for people's safety (no it's not required to wear a mask).  If you are sick, or running a temperature stay home.
You can catch COVID-19 just like you can catch the flu, a sinus infection, a yeast infection, a staph infection etc.   None of those are pleasant things to have to go through, but we will continue to hold events and parties because while we recognize that it along with a whole lot of things could be contracted, we are not afraid.