Tuesday, July 7, 2020

It's 7:00 p.m. Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?....Karma In The Hills

Let me make this statement regarding recent events concerning a "blended" lifestyle campground before we proceed further.
No members of the administration team or myself (Corruptor) are responsible for any reporting to law enforcement or the department of children's services. We did not make any phone calls or send any emails or anything else to facilitate the campground into the issues they have. We encourage the owners to look elsewhere on that growing list of people they have cutthroat to get to where they are today.
At the same time, we do want to say a big thank you to whoever did make those calls. When you play cutthroat you pay a price whether it be a day, a week, a month or a year. Karma has no time table but it will come back to haunt you when you are doing wrong.
Do not misconstrue that I am for an organization being cast in a negative light for providing a venue for alternative lifestyles. That is not the issue with this particular place. You can provide such a venue legally.
The very fact that the owners are continuing to have parties or whatever they want to call them when the department of children's services came and got their kids speaks volumes as to their priorities.
Do not be deceived into their being totally honest with you. We learned that within three months of supposedly "working together as a team" when we opened their doors to the public in May 2019. By July they thought they were being sneaky and made a Facebook group and started contacting Club Crave members and sliding them over attempting to put together a takeover. They saw the potential, they took our ideas and they got stars in their eyes and thought they could do a lot better so they stabbed us in the back and carried on and hopped on a couple of others that have connections and using them now to build pretty much what they've got going now. They've stabbed others along the way that have stepped up to help them between then and now.
If they were honest, they would put it all out there for everyone to see, especially since they are now begging for your money, playing on your emotions that this is an attack on the alternative lifestyles. It is far from that. They used their own residence, they used their kids bedrooms, they set up parties in the presence of their children. Allegedly and I use that term loosely, their kids were sent to stay in a cabin on the same property several times when they couldn't find a babysitter while they threw parties. Allegedly, and again I use that term loosely, their kids were sent to stay in a motel probably in another county by themselves while they threw parties. Their kids knew exactly what the "fantasy" house was.
They held a "family" picnic recently where they advertised that the fantasy house could be used by adults while kids were on the same grounds. That in itself calls for the children of every family in attendance to be taken away period!
Yes the Department of Children's Services has issues all across the state but they do not just come in and yank kids out of their homes for no reason. If you think that, hit them up, talk to them, talk to a Child Advocacy Center director or representative, talk to a CASA volunteer in fact I'll bet some of you don't even know what I'm talking about when I suggest CASA or Child Advocacy Center. These are real organizations that deal with children who are in these situations.
I read the post about the sheriff's department paying a visit. (Again I didn't make that call either). If the Sheriff was allowed to advance on the property immediately rather than wait for the owner to come to the gate there's no telling what he would have seen (or smelled for that matter remember we were involved in a couple of parties there) One of my big rules was thrown clean clear out the window because of their habits. I don't believe for one bit the sheriff's department would give a letter of recommendation to this place.
Before you sink money into his defense fund, and yes I'm challenging him, have him publicly post the complete list of allegations. I guarantee you he won't do it, he'll hide behind the excuse that it's confidential or he'll share it individually so he can keep people like myself from looking at it and calling him out on even more crap.
Oh and to that person that I used to have some respect for that pointed out that our motel room parties aren't the same as his events, to this day I wouldn't have had to resort to the motel room parties if it wasn't for his cutthroat tactics.
I'm sure someone will complain to Fetlife about this post and they may see fit to censor it but it's also elsewhere for full view where it won't be censored.
Challenge him to be fully transparent and then if he is use that to determine whether or not it's worth throwing a few pennies at. You'll find when you do your homework that you're better off throwing those same pennies in a water fountain. Don't just take these emotional fed posts he's made over the last couple days as the truth make him prove it.