Thursday, July 30, 2020

Club Crave Impromptu Meet and Greet Saturday August 8th from 6-8P in Murfreesboro

Come join us Saturday night August 8th from 6P-8P as we host a meet and greet at a restaurant in Murfreesboro. We are inviting all open minded people no matter what your kink or fetish is to come meet all other open minded people. There is no limit on as to how many can attend but we are cutting off the RSVPs by 12 noon in order to give an accurate head count.

It will be at a Mexican restaurant with a full service bar.

The meet and greet will give you a chance to not only meet other open minded people, but also a chance to meet us, ask questions, get a copy of our rules and regulations should you decide to come out for a party or another event.

Per our new party scenes that we are setting up, there will be a afterparty for those that are interested. It will be a #clubcrave themed after party. No more than 5 males will be allowed to attend amongst the couples and single females.

There is also a separate specified #bangaroo themed afterparty which means single males can attend this once qualifications are met.

Read our post on our website

to get a better understanding of how things will work going forward.

Join our group and read the post here.

See you Saturday night August 8th