Monday, January 20, 2020

Got A Letter From Cupid. It's The Naughty Gras Valentine's Party Saturday February 8th Murfreesboro

Dear Corruptor,
Hey it's Cupid.  Santa told me about you getting fucked over last year when you were building back your party scene.  If it's any consolation, Smokey Bear hates the dumbass after he almost set his whole woods on fire.  I was so mad at what he did to you, i took a trip over to his place with the intention of shooting an arrow through his dumb bald head.  Of course I missed but you know what I hit????  A Cow.  A real life one told me this was a farm.  There were chickens damn it and yeah I stepped in chicken shit in the front of his house there was real life chicken shit.
Biggest mistake I made though was when I said outloud not thinking "I need to come up here sometime and hunt me some deer"  That got a quick call from the North Pole and an angry Mr. Claus cussing me out and warning me about the wildlife habitat area this joint was backed up to.  Does the State of Tennessee know what's going on here? 
Anyrate, as you well know Valentine's Day is approaching and sure you ain't got a outhouse turned into a dungeon but we all know if anyone out there can put together something that caters to people's fantasies, it's you.  I don't have any wings anymore, that was a long way out there and the distance burned them off.  I didn't GPS the place, probably wouldn't have helped anyway.  I just followed the smell of smoke or whatever that smell was that's probably still illegal.
If you need any help holler at me.  I'll put some regular clothes on instead of this irritating diaper I normally wear  and I'll fit right in.  Cause as they say friends don't let friends party in the middle of cow patties and chicken shit.  Especially with cutthroats.  See you February 8th
Party Hard

We're going to fulfill some fantasies February 8th and we need your help. Fantasies include but not limited to:
We have a lady that has a fantasy of being tied up, blindfolded and not given a choice to do sexually whatever a group of guys wants her to do.  This will happen starting at 8:00 Saturday February 8th.

We have another lady has a fantasy of being kidnapped.  Now while that fantasy can't come true February 8th because I'm letting the cat out of the bag now, we can gang up on her as well and then those that actually perform will be invited to the kidnapping scene
Oh and let's not forget the lady who wants to experience a true double penetration all the while with two guys in her another two guys sucking her nipples.   Do we think we might be able to find a total of ten guys for the three of them?  I know some of you talk a big's time to put up or shut up.  These are some ladies that I know will eat you up.  So bring your "A" game and don't let these ladies down.....and that's just the beginning

Among the many people you'll meet at the party, a friend of mine is getting his feet wet and I'm going to help him find a perfect (ok you don't have to be that perfect) submissive that he can call his "baby girl".  So if you are a "little" or into being someone's baby girl, this is one of the good guys that can be trusted.  Known him for a year or two or ten or something like that. 

have to sell for pure romance but if you sell adult novelties please let me know and I'll get you hooked up to our website as well as help you promote your products through our secret Facebook group we are building.   You would be able to offer your products during the party  but it would be a no pressure sales type thing and the interested people would come to you

Ladies, there's a guy in attendance that has hand massagers and he's pretty decent with them or so I'm told.  He's done it once or twice or two hundred times.  Feel free to walk up to him and ask him for a happy massage and he'll have you jump up on his massage table.  Great way to relax or be the start of a 15 minute porn clip (just kidding no cameras allowed)

Food.  Along with our usual party snacks of various chips and dips, drunk gummies and 2 liter Cokes etc, I'm getting it verified as we speak but what does everybody need in order to fuck?  That's and how do we get energy?   No not through a nuclear reaction but through food and what food gives you energy?  Carbs and what is the best food for carbs?
Spaghetti (it was at one time)  The Club Crave cooks will be serving their award winning spaghetti at the you better come early cause I'm sure it will be quick to go.

We will update this with more features as we get closer to the party.  You can always check our website at for more information as well. 
So get signed up and let's have some fun at our first party of 2020.  Don't forget your beads and prepare to have your heart pounding with a lot of excitement and fun Saturday February 8th in Murfreesboro, TN.

Email us to get the RSVP process started at

Monday, January 6, 2020

Top Five Status Messages You Might Have Missed This Past Week January 6 2020

Top Five Status Messages You May Have Missed This Past Week January 6th 2020

5.  You say "premarital sex" like there's "postmarital sex"
4.  I'm not saying I have a drinking problem, I'm proving it.
3.  I sexually identify as that one flickering letter on the neon motel sign.
2.  My new year's resolution is not to have sex with supermodels
1.  I sent a tin of macaroni to Ethopia and I've just received a letter back saying thanks for the leg warmers.

Cravin Naughty Pics January 6 2020

AC/DC Thunderstruck

Corruptor's Collection Of Porn January 6 2020

Naughty By Nature-O.P.P.