Sunday, December 15, 2019

Updating The Website

Familiar with the phrase "there's not enough hours in the day"?  We want to get these parties back to the big level of fun that they were with lots of people in attendance.  My work schedule has been always been busy but now it's insane. 
Coupled with the fact that I lost a pretty good assistant that was helping me promote, I haven't been able to follow through on a lot of promoting like I need to. 
Just means that I have to add a few more hours to the work day is all.  Starting December 16th, we are going to start building up the website and the two secret Facebook groups.  We will post links and information on the Facebook groups promoting what is on the website.
People loved the porn movies, the pictures, the music videos and jokes.  We will add those constantly along with memes and other things to build up the site. 
So watch daily for new content to be added as it comes in to me.