Sunday, November 3, 2019

November 9th Party Cancelled Because Of A Cunt!

A cunt (disgruntled cause he could never be in charge of the Club Crave party scene) decided to call management of the place we rented for the November 9th party and tell them what kind of party we were throwing.  Never mind the fact that smaller groups of open minded people in the lifestyle get to throw parties on the same grounds but God forbid we do.  Next thing we know the reservations have been cancelled and the reason was given that they understood there was going to be "misconduct" amongst the guests.
Management, you need to hang a sign in every one of your small houses that sex is NOT allowed.  Wonder if we could sue based on discrimination?
Then we plan to go back to the motel that we had been throwing parties at and the same cunt calls the manager and tells him that we are throwing parties in his motel in which the staff gets in trouble for renting to us.  Again management, you need to hang a sign in every one of your motel rooms that sex is NOT allowed. 
What's ironic in each of these venues, nothing has ever been destroyed, messed up or anything on Club Crave's watch.
These people have the potential to rent out to drug dealers, meth heads, people running from the law etc and yet a swinger/BDSM scene is not allowed because why? 
Discrimination plain and simple.

It goes to show that we throw the best parties in the state when given enough room.  We took a break came back in May and have met two of the biggest drama causing jokes in the modern lifestyle.  Well ok make that one cause we knew the cunt before we took the break. 

I'm tired of playing nice.  I tried changing how I approach things and all it did was get Club Crave run over.  Yes the parties, the lifestyle is supposed to be fun, smiles, pleasurable and everything that goes along with it.  Administration of these scenes and clubs are nothing but drama and anybody that tries to convince you otherwise are liars.  Another administrator of events looked at this area and said everybody is so territorial and cutthroat and he's correct.  So it's time for Club Crave to be territorial and cutthroat and I've been in this way longer than anybody around.  So with that said I will be dealing in the near future with both situations and some can get as mad as they want about it.  Don't start a fire and I won't have to come along and extinguish it.

Working on a New Year's Eve party.  I ain't allowing these cunts to keep their shit eating grins on their face thinking they've buried Club Crave.  I've got a few options and we will be changing how we go about allowing people to come to our parties.  I'll post on that tomorrow.