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Monday, June 24, 2019

Top Five Status Messages You May Have Missed This Past Week June 24 2019

Top Five Status Messages You May Have Missed This Past Week June 24 2019

5.  I never will understand why my fridge has a picture of a carot on the beer drawer.
4.  I think the woman in my basement is obsessed with Beatles songs.  Everytime I leave the house, I hear her singing "Help, I need somebody"
3.  I just called my boss and told him I have explosive diarrhea.  It's my day off but I like to keep him informed.
2.  The fact that I'm considered an adult is both terrifying and hilarious
1.  Hangman teaches kids that public execution is the only appropriate response to spelling words wrong.

Cravin Naughty Pics June 24 2019

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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Lifestyle At Your Own Pace

At the Club Crave/Naughty List parties, we totally understand that while some people may be into mixing swinging with BDSM and fetish and kinks, there are those that are more conventional and choose not to participate.  You know what?  That's totally acceptable.
At Club Crave/Naughty List parties, we totally understand that while some people may love to shed their clothes once they hit the door, there are some that are reserved and choose to keep their clothes on or even change into sexy outfits.  You know what? That's totally acceptable.
See the reason why I went looking to find more space for growth opportunities was not just for growth but to give everybody enough space to co-exist without having to feel like they had to hang out in the same exact area.  You think 6500 square feet is big enough?
Our goal in all of this is to cater to everyone as best as we can.
There will be designated areas for BDSM activity.  Those with various kinks and fetishes can hang out and participate with like minded people.  Those that don't necessarily want to be around it, there's still plenty of other room for you as well.  No judgement from us at all.
At Club Crave we back our statement when we say no one is forced or required to do anything they feel uncomfortable with.
Being safe and secure, while having fun is the first priority.  There are plenty of activities offered at the parties, varying from a live DJ (me btw) and dancing, karaoke, to jumping in a game of dirty dice or Cards Against Humanity and if you can't find some activity to get involved in, you can always sit around and converse or jump in the pool.
We've been to all the clubs, all the various party scenes, all the area "resorts" and we continue to constantly mold our scene utilizing what we've seen and experienced that works.
We've listened to the complaints from other lifestyle choices and we've done our best to address them to ensure our parties and events will give you some of the best lifestyle experiences possible.
So come on out and help us get this scene in the Upper Cumberland off the ground.  We got plenty of room for overnight stay if you need to...bring your pillows, bedding accessories, ice chest (loaded with ice) and your own favorite liquid encouragement.
Door donations are as follows:
Single Men $40.00, Couples $30.00 Single Ladies free
Email us at and we'll get the process started for you to be on your way to Crossville for Bangaroo Plus Saturday June 15th.