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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

KIK Group For Couples and Single Females

We have started a KIK group solely for couples and single females who are looking for other couples or single ladies.  The rules are pretty simple, if you are a couple, both members have to be in the group.  If you would like to participate in the kik chat email  your kik name to  and I'll add you to the group.  Reminder please be patient as we build the room from the ground up we will add people as quick as they respond.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Let's Get This Dream Started....Bangaroo Plus June 15th Crossville

Cover your ears.  I'm going to do a little bragging.  The owners of the Crossville party place are not on a lot of these websites that we promote in but I will direct them to some of the places that I post this in including the Club Crave website.
In this lifestyle, you don't meet many people who want to be in potential leadership roles AND want to do it the right way.  When I originally sat down with Chad and Jessica and we discussed what the goals were eventually for this Crossville property I was very impressed.
More impressive to me however was both of them telling me what they wanted to experience out of the various lifestyles and how they wanted to be a part of helping other people get great experiences.  You don't run across many people like that.  Most of if stops right at the point of what they want to experience ,what they want to get out of it nothing about anybody else. 
That fact and the fact that my girlfriend immediately thought they were good people told me I could let my guard down and trust them. 
Those of you that know me by now with everything this lifestyle has thrown at me know that I am very difficult to impossible in trusting people especially new people. 
Chad jumped in made sure that people in attendance were comfortable and having a good time.  Jessica did her part in being friendly, engaging in conversation and when she started offering peach whatever shots, I had to partake, it's my alcoholic nature to do so. 
We along with the other help (Scott, Babygirl Jess, Janine) are looking forward to helping Chad and Jessica build their vision because there are no hidden agendas, it's truly to bring people in the lifestyles together and give them great memorable experiences. 
Our motto has always been....We know what you desire...come get what you crave.
June 15th let's start fulfilling this dream.  Don't miss out on Bangaroo Plus.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Top Five Status Messages You May Have Missed This Past Week May 13 2019

5.  I wish my car's back up camera had a "save" button because some of the expressions on people's faces when I back up....priceless.
4.  The way gas prices are rising, it'll soon be cheaper to buy cocaine and run everywhere instead.
3.  Wow!  It's apparently "rude" to ask the parents of a kid on a leash if it was a rescue.
2.  She said her pussy tasted like a rainbow.  Found out that meant trout and not skittles.
1.  If you had an inch of your dad's dick in your ass and you had an inch of your dick in your mom's vagina, would you rather move forward or backward to get out?

Craving Naughty Pics May 13 2019

Rock Video Monday: Crazy Lixx-Silent Thunder

Monday, May 6, 2019

Top Five Status Messages You May Have Missed This Past Week May 6 2019

5.  Well at least your mom thinks you're pretty.
4.  Nooo....Lost a drinking game.  Guess I'll have to drink this alcohol I paid for with full intention of consuming anyway.
3.  When a drunk girl in her 20s screams "Oh My God.  I love this song." you can be sure that the song sucks.
2.   Tried pushing her against the wall to kiss her like all you guys suggested.  Put her head right through the drywall.
1.  Wife complains constantly that I always push her around and talk behind her back.  What do you expect?  She's in a wheelchair.

Craving Naughty Pics-Mix It Up Monday

Turn It Up Rock Monday

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Three Joke Wednesday

I woke up this morning in a hospital, covered in bandages.
Tubes entering different parts of my body, wires monitoring every function,
A gorgeous nurse hovering over me.
It was obvious I’d been in a serious accident.
I heard her say, ‘You may-not feel anything from the waist down.’
I managed to mumble in reply, ‘Can I feel your tits, then?

I got called in to see my son's teacher today.
"Is everything ok at home?" she asked. "We're a bit concerned about Adrian's language in class."
"You're fucking concerned?" I said "I have to live with the little bastard!"

Wife came home from work to find her husband watching the football.
"I've decided I'm leaving you, all you do is talk about football. You think about nothing else," she said. "I'm also seeing someone else. He's younger than you, handsome, understanding, tender, treats me like a queen, does anything I ask, has a 9 inch dick and fucks me hard and dirty till I can't take anymore."
 "Really?" The husband replies. "What football team does he support?"

Slaughter- Up All Night

Cravin Naughty Pics May 1 Women on Women and Wet Pussy Wednesday

Do You Know The Wae

Inappropriate Memes May 1