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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

S's 5 Man Gangbang Fantasy Saturday May 11th Nashville 7:00

You know what Sunday May 12th is right?  Yep time to honor our mothers.  But before we do that, I've picked out one kinky lady that you dare not bring home to your mother and Saturday night May 11th in Nashville, I'm looking for up to five guys to help me tie her up, spank her way past till the red is gone then use every hole she has except her nostrils and her ears.
Guys believe me, this is no miss innocent so you better be on point.  So go buy your mom and card and flowers for her special day but before you do that come meet a pro and help me satisfy the woman that my mom warned me to stay away from.  Nashville 7:00.  Since I'm allowing her to choose who gets to use her Saturday night, she wants a dick pic and a face pic.
Email to get the process started.

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Joe Green-Dancer

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Top Ten Status Messages You May Have Missed This Past Week April 29 2019

Top Five Status Messages That You May Have Missed This Past Week April 29, 2019
5.  I'm so thirsty my throat is as dry as a Pakistani bathtub.
4.  The girl at the Taco Bell drive thru gave me this "I know you're high" look so I snatched my 37 crunchy tacos and got out of there.
3.  A woman at my gym has a jelly fish tattoo, so I peed on her
2.  I once toasted a bride and groom at their muslim wedding.  All I did was push the button on the drone control.
1.  They say masturbation is better with a dead arm.  Apparently I ruined that funeral.

Electric Boys All Lips N Hips

Cravin Naughty Pics

Josh Lumsden-Taste

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Satisfy Your Cravings Party Saturday May 18 2019 Crossville, TN Free Party....

Since we've started the parties and events again, we've gotten a good number of people who've expressed a desire to get their fantasies fulfilled and while we've set June 15th as the first party in the 6000 square foot place place in Crossville, people don't want to wait that long in order to get things off the ground so Saturday May 18th we're going to make a day of it as Club Crave/Naughty List presents the first annual Satisfy Your Cravings Party. Here's how it works
The party will serve as the open house.  Couples and singles can come to the property and take a tour of the place. 
Starting at 11:00A CST, there are some that want to fulfill a fantasy of camping with other open minded individuals.  There are plenty of places on the property to fulfill this fantasy.  I'm sure by now you know that the camping fantasy includes sex.  So if that's your thing, you are more than welcome to come pitch a tent in the camping area (quite literally as well)
We're expecting most of the guests to arrive around 6:00ish CST as that's when the party officially starts.  And since it's ladies first....this is how the party gets started.


Do you like ice cream?  What about all those toppings you can put on an ice cream sundae?  Chocolate, strawberry or caramel syrup the oozes right of the top.  Are you like me?  Do you sprinkle like crumbled cookies or maybe m &m or peanut butter pieces all around the bowl?
Saturday night May 18th at 6:30, we're going to replace the ice cream with women's bodies, we'll soak them down in syrup and let you add the toppings as we build an body ice cream float. 
(BTW ladies bring head gear to keep your hair out of the mess we will all make).
Then at 7:00 we'll let the ladies go shower and then the men can prepare as we'll switch places and at 7:30, it's the men's turn. 
I'm sure there's no official record on file, but I'd like to build the lifestyle's largest ice cream float.  So we are looking for as many people as want to participate in either the men's or the women's categories (ladies are you going to let the men out participate you?)

Now since this is a fantasy fulfillment party, if you have a fantasy you'd like fulfilled as long as it's legal and sane (or considered somewhat sane) email us at and share it with us and we will do our very best to coordinate with you and satisfy your craving.

It's all free of charge, our way of bringing you out to the property, showing you around, telling you about the future game plan.  You'll be very impressed if you come see this place. 
You don't have to have a fantasy or participate in fulfilling the others.  All are welcome at the Satisfy Your Cravings Party Saturday May 18th .  The party starts when you get here.  Email us at or text us at 629-201-0560 to get the details and more information. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Casting Call: Can You Participate In A Scene Like This???

She will be bound.  She will be helpless.  She will be tied down and blindfolded, her mouth will be used as our cunt.  We will own her pussy and make a statement  before we're done, her breasts pinched, and groped, nipples continually tweaked and pulled on.  Her ass cleaned out, lubed and ready for our calculated invasions .  Although we will honor any safe word, we will laugh at her tears. This ain't about kindness.  This ain't about giving her what she wants.  She doesn't matter  This is about our pleasure.  This is about satisfying our primal wants. 
And for one night only, she will be the definition of the word "object"
Sure she told us what she desired.   Now come get what you crave. Watch this clip and if  you see yourself participating in this, shoot us an email at
Looking for three guys that want to get rough...hurry and email us as this will happen fairly quickly.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Bangaroo Plus Saturday Night June 15 7:00 Crossville Tennessee

Saturday night June 15th 7:00, Crossville Tennessee will never be the same again.  Club Crave/Naughty List Of Middle Tennessee will help open the doors to a 6500 square foot party as we present Bangaroo Plus.
This place houses several bedrooms for those that want to play.  We'll have a designated area for those participating in Bangaroo (multi woman gangbang) and the rest of the place will be wide open for all sorts of naughtiness.
This is located on a straight shot 17 miles off the interstate and far enough away that you can run around as naked as you want  (watch out for ticks and barb wire fences though).  Here's the features of the party.
1.  Bring a towel with you as the above ground pool will be open.

2.  Good sized dance floor area.  DJ will be playing all the party anthems and for those of you that have the courage, karaoke will be available.
3.  Food area featuring a taco bar, pizza rolls, chicken nuggets and other snack foods including chips, dips , party mixes, and cookies (can't forget those) and 2 liter Coke products along with bottled water.
4.  Drunk gummies, Snowy's Sherbert Punch.

More features will be added and announced as we show Crossville and the Upper Cumberland how to throw a party.
We got the we need you...
Door donations are as follows:
Single men $50, Couples-$40, Single Women-Free.
There is no descriptions or pictures that can accurately describe how much potential and breathtaking this place is.  You have to see it for yourself and once you do I guarantee you'll be hooked for life.  So make your plans now and come get in on the first party as we intend to make this one of the premiere spots in the state.  Email for more details and to get on the VIP list.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Top Five Status Messages You May Have Missed This Past Week April 7 2019

5.  They say a dog park is a great place to pick up women.  I Don't have a dog, so I'm walking around with a bag of dog shit so I won't look weird.
4.  The closest I get to multitasking is ignoring several people at the same time.
3.  The "kill them with kindness" is taking a lot longer than I expected.
2.  I dream of ladies changing rooms being full of naked showering women.  But when I run into one, they are just full of screaming ones.
1.  Fast acting laxatives  5.  Prune Juice.  4.  Smoking a Cigarette  3. Coffee 2. Ex-Lax, 1.  Reading your romantic statuses on social media

Swinglifestyle and Fetlife Groups

If you are on SLS, feel free to join our main group with over 900 members (I'm currently going through the other groups and transferring members over to the main group)  Search for Naughty List Of Middle Tennessee.
If you are on Fetlife feel free to join the Naughty List of Middle Tennessee Group there.  Party announcements coming soon.

Cravin Naughty Pics: Anal Monday and MILF Monday

KIK Chatroom

Couples and single ladies.  If you would like to participate in the Kik chat room, please email us your kik id at  I will then send you a hello message to your kik.  Please respond accordingly as that way I can get you into the chat room. 
Thanks and we hope to chat with you soon.  Right now we have 7 participants in the room and more pending.

Models On Monday Dance Music Video

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Can You Write Erotic Stories

We're looking for those that can write hot xxx rated stories. You know the ones that cause men to get boners and leave women sopping wet. is looking for regular contributors for our "Cravin Naughty Stories" section that we are putting together for the website. For more information email us

Slut and Slut Wanna Be's Hunt

You've heard of Bonnaroo right?  Well one of the parties that got us on the map many years ago turned out to be an event I called Bangaroo.  Back in the day, it was the most intense sexual event ever.  Over the years though it had its run and with the emergence of several factors, I hadn't really put much effort in putting another one. 
I'd like to change that and in order to do that, I need to find some women who have an interest in participating in a gangbang.
The gangbangs I conduct are a little different than a lot of them out there in that the women's safety is the first priority.  We display your limits on a poster above the area in which you are playing and the men are required to read before playing.  There's more rules that I have as well. 
The tentative date if I can find women interested in participating is Saturday June 8th.
I want to meet any lady that is interested in this before the June 8th date to discuss this. 
This would be a meeting at a public place, no audition or casting call or anything like that.  Just an informative meeting and the opportunity to ask questions about the event. 
If y into gangbangs or curious about gangbangs.  Let's talk and see if we can get you involved with this June party.
Email us at and let's go from there.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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To Access HellRaiser Radio Stream:
The Best Rock On The Planet. 
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Smartphone: Should come on automatically, if not press play

Calling All Web Designers

We run several groups on sls which used to be a very good national website to get the word out about parties and events until recently when laws were changed sparked by the whole Backpage deal which also affected Craigslist personals. SLS has tightened up the ship on group owners to the point that they put most everything that group and club owners do on the site under the microscope. Group owners aren't allowed to promote their websites, give contact info and God forbid you email more than five people at a time that requested event information. It's a big hassle now.
I am looking for someone that knows how to build websites. I have a website url that I got pretty lucky to get for next to nothing and would like to build a site like sls and some other sites that I have been privy to without all the unnecessary crap you have to endure.
Email me at or message me on here and we can go from there.
This has the opportunity to be a significant money maker if done correctly.

Sunday Night Chat On KIK App

Kik Chat.
We will reopen the Kik Chat group on Sunday April 7th starting at 6:00 and host Sunday night chat from 6 until it dies. If you would like to participate, here's how it will work.
1. First priority will be given to those who have come to Club Crave/Naughty List Of Middle Tennessee parties or events.
2. Second priority will be given for couples and single females. Feel free to list your kik id in response or email it to us. Single males will be allowed but the ratio will be kept equal or less than the number of couples and single females in the room.
3. There will be no thirsty guys wanting to hook up right away. If you get in the room and start private messaging your dick pics and running people off, you will be banned from future Sunday night chats, the various Naughty List/Club Crave website groups, parties and events.
So leave your kik id in the response or message us directly with it and we'll get you hooked up to chat with other like minded people Sunday night 6:00 CST

Fetlife Groups

The Naughty List Of Middle Tennessee/Club Crave has a presence on several lifestyle websites.
On Fetlife there are around six groups and for organization sake we are going to combine them into two groups.
1. Naughty List of Middle Tennessee welcomes all alternative lifestyles from swingers to the various fetishes and kinks. Anyone in the Tennessee and surrounding driveable areas of Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia are welcome to join the group.
2. Bangaroo is more oriented the gangbang fetish. We plan on holding gangbangs in the Middle Tennessee area as the interest seems to be growing. However we will conducting those gangbangs in a fun safe environment with clean people who are not sloppy about how they look. The group will be built around women who have a desire to participate. Guys will not allowed to be thirsty or pushy in the group. Any complaints will result in being banned from the group and the events of the group.