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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Just A Simple Party Saturday March 30 Nashville TN 8:00

After taking an extended break, we're throwing a simple basic motel room suite party in Nashville Saturday March 30th starting at 8:00. This party is mainly for couples and single ladies. One of the problems that we ran into before we took the hiatus is that the parties were overloaded with single males and although we are single male friendly, we want to keep the ratio of those in attendance fair to the couples and single ladies who come to the parties. Taking this break will give us a chance to reset that and some of the other problems that surfaced before we had to focus on other aspects of life.
The limit of single males will change for each party and event pending on location and size of venue. I am planning on two parties a month, one catering to the couples and single ladies and the other catering to those that are in multiple men...i.e.gangbangs etc. We have done this before and it seemed to be the fairest ways to cater to each concern. So as long as we get the support in attendance we will continue to offer the various events.
Saturday March 30th 8:00 p.m. in Nashville. We've got a huge suite that we're getting and throwing a party. This is a BYOB event. Also bring your own cooler and ice to keep your drinks cold. We will provide chips and other snack foods, (we'll make up a fresh batch of drunk gummies) and Kathy tells me she's going to make that infamous punch that people get hooked on and goes by fast. We'll have a couple of computers set up playing music.
Our party scene is built on respecting others. No one is required to do anything that you feel is uncomfortable.
Bedroom of the suite is where the most action happens, out in the common area, people tend more to drink and socialize, play icebreaker games (yes we'll have cards against humanity) etc.
To get on the list for the details and location, email us at Let us know where you saw the post for this party and also let us know if you are a couple, single female or single male. There is single male limit of five for this party.
If you'd like to get in on the ground level of a resetted party scene, this is your chance so email us and we'll see you Saturday.

Top Five Status Messages You May Have Missed March 24 2019

5.  To give you an idea of just how unattractive I was as a child, when I stayed at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch I had my own room.
4.  Stevie Wonder-7 Kids, Ray Charles-12 kids.  I think it's safe to say it's not masturbating that makes you blind.
3.  I'm so thirsty, my throat is as dry as a Pakistan bath mat.
2.  If you hit someone at 30 mph, they have a 50% chance of surviving.  If you hit  someone at 40 mph they have a 20% chance of surviving.  Therefore you need to be driving at least 50 mph to ensure your hit and run is effective.
1.  I saw a female journalist at the meeting with the word "Press" on a tag near her breasts.  Long story short, my court date is next month.